"What one can see out in the sunlight is always less interesting than what is behind a windowpane."

Monday, July 13, 2015

Week of Yard Sales, Estate Sales, Flea Marketing, Thrifting, and Antiquing!

It's been 2 years since we've been able
to visit Aunt Candy, but when we do
we pick up just where we left off.
Found lots of vintage goodies this week!
 This is probably my favorite piece, 
although I can't find any information about it.
It's one thin sheet of plastic, including the frame.
  The Santa and his reindeer are puffed out.  
 Remember these?  We had Rudolph 
back in the 70's. 
 Another of my favorite finds.  
$1 a piece!
 Old pink and light blue Avon containers.
 I actually found this exact cat 2 years 
ago and thought it was a Halloween
ornament.  This one is in much
better shape. 
 Old crayons and Ted found this
cute hard-boiled egg slicer.
I'll definitely use it. 
 Scarfed up old Christmas 
whenever I could find it!
 Little People!!
 OOOOO!! Vintage Halloween
and for 25 cents ya can't beat it!
 Found this old blow-mold for just
$2.00.  I have a few of them (sold most)
but he's in better shape than any. His 
colors are still rich, not faded. 
 And for 10 cents I totally scored
on this 1968 Empire blow mold.
 Found this at a 25 cents table.  An old sewing
box in great condition.  Loved that table!  
 Candy suspected this sewing box was from 
the 1940's.  Although it's a unique piece, it's 
too big and heavy to sell online so I plan on 
donating it.  I bought it for just 50 cents from 
a crazy lady who pretty much threw it at me.
It was great storage for the 7 hour trip back home
but I don't have a need for it. 
 Found 2 of these old wreaths for just
50 cents each!  It's large.
 And they came in original boxes.
 At an estate sale for a man who would have
turned 96 that day, I found 2 of these plastic
Santa workshops and lots of old children's 
books.  Ted found old records, including
a Beatles for me!
Found this blow mold with
the Halloween ones. 75 cents and still works. 
 The 25 cents table!!
 Came in original box.
 These are minis.
 And scrumptiousness!
 Old comics.  Oh how I loved Little Dot, 
Little Audrey, Archie, Little Lotta, Richie Rich,
Wendy, and Hot Stuff!  So it's always fun
to find some for Mary.  I think she's outgrown
them, but that won't stop me from getting them.
I still read 'em!
 Some of my favorite finds - 1950's Christmas
books.  I buy them to resell, but never do.  
The artwork of old children's book inspires
me in my own work.  It's very innocent.
 These books also have pop-ups and 
pages that move.
 For $15 an entire box filled with mostly 1950's
magazines.  Mom put in her order when she
knew I was going out hunting.  These usually
go for $4-$10 a piece, but they were selling
for just $1.  I pulled out 13 and the guy told me 
for $15 I could have the whole box, which was 
over 20 more magazines.  Good thing we were
walking towards the car when I spotted them 
because I barely made it back!
 Some of the old books I found.

It's been a LONG time since I did that
kind of hunting!