"What one can see out in the sunlight is always less interesting than what is behind a windowpane."

Monday, January 19, 2015

Lots of Carving Lately

For the past few months, I've been focusing
on getting back to my true love-
Key to My Heart Snowman:  This 16" snowman
holds a heart in one metal arm and 
a rusted key in the other.  I wood burned
a keyhole into the heart.  He didn't look
complete so I carved a wee hat for him.
I figured snowmen would get chilly -
being made of snow and all!  So why
not a snowman trying to keep warm
in a quilt?  I had Valentine's Day on
my mind when I painted the quilt.
Still with Valentine's Day on my brain,
I carved a clown snowman juggling 
two snowballs and a heart.  I racked my
brain coming up with a base and then I remembered
the old blocks.  And what better way to 
commemorate Valentine's Day than
with XO blocks?!
This was a request from a Santa
collector.  He's probably the most
difficult Santa I've ever carved, but was
happy with the results - the most fun was
adding the details to the gift wrap.
This was a special request for a 
long distance romance. 
 The husband of an old high
school girlfriend asked if I could carve this
for his wife.  I was honored to have
one of my Santas added to her collection!
This was my first Celtic Santa and one
I know I'll try again.  Carving the Celtic
knotwork with both challenging and
rewarding.  Loved making it! 
 This was my newest snowman creation.
He's dressed like a thief and just stole
a heart.  (Mom says he looks like
a French sailor, to which I say, 
I'm trying very hard to refocus my energy
back to wood carving instead of having
dozens of unfinished projects in my head.
The winter time, especially, gets me down 
and sometimes it's very hard for me to 
motivate myself to do anything.  Carving helps me
fight depression and I know once I get started
my mood lifts.  It's like exercising - getting started
is the hardest part!


  1. Absolutely magical. Your carvings are fantastic. The details on each one so amazing. Keep on creating!!

  2. YOu should definitely be carving! you do marvelous work. just be sure to share each piece with us. I love seeing them!

  3. I know how You feel,same thing happens to Me.I miss My own creating when My life gets too busy with babysitting My Grandchildren. I do like all Your new pieces.Wonderful work as always-OX-Denise

  4. Beautiful carvings.......so glad to see them!!!

  5. Time for both of us to get our MOJO back on and get goin!! I have been in a slump like you!! Shame on us!! Not only do we let others down we let our selves down too!! Keep lookin up!! XOXO Love ya Aunt Frannie