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Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Santa's New Ride!

My focus lately has been to FINALLY work on
projects I had in mind years ago.  This sleigh
has been waiting for a redo for at least
two years and it was time to do it.
 And this is the result.
 Found lots of vintage goodies in my stash.
 The sleigh's about 11 inches long and
4" wide so I had so room to work.

 See that little porcelain angel tucked
away?  She's actually broken.  Her entire back and
wings broke off.  But, the front of her was so cute
I hated to just throw her away.  I figured maybe I
could put her in a shadow box where her back
would never be noticed.  This was just as good. 
Remember me next time you think something
is totally ruined.  
 And see this old Santa?  His hand was 
originally holding a huge candy cane.  Well,
that broke off.  So I placed his candy cane in the 
back of the wagon (you can see it in the picture
above) and have him holding a dyed 
bottle brush tree now instead.  
Presto!  Chango! 
 Adding miniatures is so much fun!
See the little Christmas package?
It's actually a matchbox.
 The wreaths and  trees are bleach and hand-dyed.
 Felt good to FINALLY work on this.
 This wreath is NOT hand-dyed 
though.  This old red scrumptiousness
is from the 1950's.
More to work on!


  1. that turned out so cute Jill! I love it! I just bought a broken up santa with his sleigh and reindeer that Im going to fix up a bit too. its big though. Not quite sure exactly what I'm going to do with it yet. I had it on the mantle and decided it was too big and put it out on the porch. pictures sometime before christmas!
    have a great day!

  2. Absolutely darling. Love all your special embellishments. It's so much fun to rescue and find new ways to use things. Happy creating!! Christmas hugs!

  3. You always rock these out too!! LOVE IT!! XOXO Love ya Aunt Frannie

  4. Jill ,You have inspired Me once again :) so precious. I have missed visiting You and so glad I dropped by. In rummaging through My fat Christmas boxes I found My Grandma's and Mom's old Carollers.I know You get very busy after Christmas with valentines projects but I might want You to redo My Carollers after Christmas. I'll take a photo of it and tell You when I post. God bless You and Your family with a Christmas full of making wonderful memories and lots of love. Denise

  5. Jill, after staring at My carolers that I hadn't seen in a long while,I've decided to try redoing them Myself.You have given Me the desire through the many Years of watching Your work to try to emulate You,My Dear Friend Jill. OX Denise