"What one can see out in the sunlight is always less interesting than what is behind a windowpane."

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Latest Thrift Store Finds

Found some fun finds this
past weekend!
Remember these old hard
plastic dolls?
I remember my Mom using the
half-bodies to make doll
cakes.  She'd put the doll in the middle
of a dome-shaped cake so it looked
like a dress.  Then used cake
decorating to cover the top.
 In the craft section of the thrift
store I also found a big bag of
the old wooden doll pins.  
 A few have feet and faces already
painted in. 
 This instruction booklet opens up
like a map revealing directions
for different people to make.
 One bin was full of these gorgeous
upholstery samplers.  They're
about 18x12.5"  This one is black
and mustard.  I don't which
side I like best the front....
or back. 
 With the brass rings already
inserted, wouldn't these be
great for creating fabric
wall collages? 
 And another version of the
Mustard reminds me of colonial
 And speaking of colonial times... 
 This could be hung up just
how it is.  It'd fit right in an
old home.  Scrumpsh.
 This was a special find -
a vintage miniature Fontanini
Nativity set.  The people are only
an inch or two tall!  And it just
so happens I have a miniature stable
stashed away.  I'll have to see if they
go together. 
.Simple women with simple tastes!

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Shadow Box Redo

The three-day weekend beckoned me
to create.  And this shadow box
kept calling my name.
 Shabby chic kept coming to mind.
I dry-brushed on a few different
shades of pink to offset the white.
Remember Steel Magnolias?
"My col-ors are blush and bashful, mama!
I like pink.  Pink is my sig-na-ture col-or."
 Instead of paper, I decoupaged
the background with the most
gorgeous fabric I've had stashed
for years because I didn't want
to part with it!   The top is pink
and white toile.
I'm now debating whether to decorate it
myself or put it in my Etsy Shop as a
ready-to-go shadow box!

Monday, May 26, 2014

Newest Restoration Project

This old chalkware
statue of St. Patrick has been
waiting to be restored for at least
two years now.  It's finally done.
 I followed the main color palette,
but added in some extras of my own.
 And I'm happy with the results.
 It was tiring.  Every time I thought I'd
stop, I'd find myself saying, "Let me just
do this one more little piece."
 There's a hole hidden in the right arm
for where a staff used to be.  I've got to
find something....a bent piece of metal
or even a long branch will do.
 Hope you're enjoying this
gorgeous Memorial Day
and remember.....
Hate War -
Love Our Soldiers!

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

On the Hunt Again

It's been a LONG time since I've done
any major thrift shopping.  I think this
weekend reawakened my inner huntress. 
I rarely buy things that "I could remake
someday" because these projects just
tend to sit for months or years.  But, this little
house is dying for a make-over.
And I'm just the girl to do it!
 She's 40 years old and still cute
as a button. 
 $2.50 in excellent condition.  These sell
for $10 at Michaels and I know just
what I'm going to do with it.
 Hold 4 bags of what appear to be Barbie
clothes.  Now, Mary couldn't decide whether she
wanted to buy these.  Then I figured, why not
use the Visa gift card you got for your birthday?
Then you can pick out the ones you want
and we can sell the rest.  Maybe you can
even make money.  She liked that idea!
 For $1.00 I couldn't go wrong with this
big tote.  I've become a tote-aholic, using
them constantly.  It's always good
to have an extra one in the car because
you never know what the kids
are going to bring home!
 My glitter collection is growing.
 How does one decipher between old glitter
or German glass?   Isn't there also something
called mica flakes?  
 Bottle brush trees always come in handy
for the crafter.
 The BEST score of them all?   Four
American Girl dolls!  Mary saw them,
guessed what they were, and grabbed them all.
These are the smaller ones, (I think 6 inches tall)
that sell for like $30 at Barnes N Noble. 
The young cashier saw them, asked if they
were American Girl Dolls (I was afraid she
was going to try to tell me they were mispriced)
and said, "Wow!  You got a great deal!"
Get ready for it - 95 cents each!
My little entrepreneur is learning well!
 Now it's time to open those bags of
doll clothes.  I couldn't tell if there were
any Barbie clothes in them, but some
seemed pretty old so we gave it a shot.
Sure enough, we not only found
Barbie, but Ken too! 
 Most don't have their tags, but going
by their style and wear, finding
vintage pieces isn't too difficult.

 This bag had a lot of gowns.
 I thought this was particularly pretty.
 And then you have pieces that
are obviously vintage.
 Think these are Ken's?
I think I saw the veil in here somewhere.
 Barbie in one-piece pants suits?
 More retro.
And how convenient!  A storage
box to put them all!
I can honestly say, that just felt GOOD.

Sunday, May 18, 2014

I think I'll go for a walk outside now......

.....The summer sun's callin' my name.
I hear ya now,
I just can't stay inside all day.
I gotta get out get me some of those ra-ay-ays!
And that's just what we did.
Up and early we drove to an antiquing
hot spot in Lambertville, NJ called,
The Golden Nugget.
Came home with just a few old
Christmas decorations.
 I was going to pack him away, but he
makes me smile.  So he's sitting in
my art room instead.
 Funny, it's not until I use the
camera zoom that I notice how
beat up some of these are!
 1950s glitter bird.   I wonder
if I can make these?
 Nicolai asked if he could get this
old snowman.
 Still has all the old graphics.
 This little clown is only as tall
as my pointy finger.  I love miniatures
no matter how beat up they are!
 Any ideas what can be done with
these old lanterns?
 This pretty pink angel still lights up.
 I love our Christmas tree, but the top
branch always bends over when I try to add
a tree topper.  I'm hoping this is small
and light enough to work.
 It was such a gorgeous day we drove
down a special road. 
 We just felt like taking pictures of
the old covered bridge.
 It's been here since 1875.
 All that's missing is Clint Eastwood and
Meryl Streep.  Ah, forget Meryl and
just bring me Clint!
 Have you ever been under a wooden
bridge when a car drives over you?
Scary!  Kids, let's go!
Sometimes it's the simple
things that make an
ordinary day extraordinary.
Have a great week!