"What one can see out in the sunlight is always less interesting than what is behind a windowpane."

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Thrift Store Grab-Bag!

Such sa-weeet surprises in a thrift store
 After donating a few bags I
browsed the store to see if anyone donated
old religious statues, which I like to restore. 
No luck there, but I found a gallon-sized
zip-lock bag filled with vintage Christmas ornaments.
 I didn't bother to really look inside.   I saw one of these girls
and that was all I needed!  The FUN part was going home to
see the surprises inside!  
WOW!  Five of these girls! 
I've never see these before.  Does anyone know
anything about them?
 But wait!  There's more!   Miniature
homes that still have their Japan stickers
on the bottom. 
 I didn't know these were
made so small. 
 Two have trees attached.
 And the bag was stuffed with
these old wooden ornaments.
 Funny, I see these types of ornaments
pretty often, but they don't usually
catch my eye.
 But these were pretty unique. 
I've never seen a baseball and
football player.
 Extra-large too.  The kinds
I see are usually half the size.
 Since they were all in the same
bag, I'm guessing they were
probably donated by the same person.
 The plane is my favorite!
 Grab-bags are like a box
of choc-o-lates....
You know the rest!

Friday, April 18, 2014

A wee bit of Easter

A few years ago I would have looked at
these old Easter crafts, cringed thinking of
the cheesy '70s and kept on walking! 
My 44-year-old eyes now look
upon these crafts no longer with contempt
but with nostalgia. 
Do you remember making these?
 Isn't it fun going through decorations
and forgetting what you've collected over the
years?  I was surprised by my stash.
These are all made from metal and open up
to hide Easter surprises.
Forget plastic.  give me wood and metal!
 This egg is extra large
and too big for the basket.
It's the only one I have made of paper mache.
 Found these at Michaels.  Not everything
I decorate with has to be vintage!  Made of
metal and just a few dollars. 
 These are so delicate I was afraid to take them out
of the jar for close-up pictures.  These were
hand-made by Ted's grandparents.  
It takes a steady hand and
tons of patience to do this kind of art,
neither of which I have!
I wanna Easta egg!  I wanna Easta egg! 
I wanna Easta egg!

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Easter Egg Minions

One of my favorite things about the
internet is the sheer volume of
creative ideas!  Browsing Pinterest the
other day I found home made
Easter egg Minions that the kids could make.
 So easy and fun!
All you need are yellow and blue plastic
Easter eggs, a black Sharpie marker,
hot glue and googley eyes.
 Just combine the yellow and blue eggs,
hot glue on the eye (or draw it yourself)
and use a Sharpie to make the goggle
band, hair,  mouth, and any extra details.
Easy, fast, cute, and fun! 
You can also use purple eggs
to make the crazy Minions from
"Despicable Me 2"!
I want to make more!