"What one can see out in the sunlight is always less interesting than what is behind a windowpane."

Wednesday, February 27, 2013


Looks like this bunny was seduced by the Dark Side.
He reminds me of Gollum only instead of a magic ring,
he's obsessed with his carrot.  "My preccciooussss."
 If you double-click the image, you'll get a close-up and can see all the weird crackled details.

Someone's getting a make-over!

Tuesday, February 26, 2013


Although I may be more of a fan of pastel or glass rosary beads, there's just something
about this old black set that I find attractive. 
Don't you just want to reach through the computer and touch the smooth beads?
I'm going through boxes and trying to destash my art supplies.  I had forgotten how many religious relics I had collected over the years.

 Although I may sell my other pieces, I may have to hold on to this old rosary.  The cross is metal and and almost 4 1/2 inches.  It's the biggest one I've ever had...or seen come to think about it.

The clasp has broken here, but I bet I can get Ted to fix it. 

 Wonder how old it is?

More destashing to go!

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Fun with Faux Chocolate!

Having so much fun making these tin foiled-covered "chocolate" bunnies! 
 Experimenting with different colors of ink and adding on old ribbons and flowers.

 I'm really happy with the way these are turning out.  These two are now available in my Etsy Shop, which I finally got back up and running on my blog here.

While I work on the bunnies, Mary painted herself a little chickie coming through a cracked egg.  Why have a boring white shell when it came be tie-dyed?! 

This is the first year I ever really got into making Spring decorations.  Halloween and Christmas were the holidays I always focused on.  I never knew how much fun it could be!

Saturday, February 23, 2013

I Ran Away

A storm's been brewing inside me and I had to get away. 
No, not to Germany, but it's as close I can get for now.
Ted had to go away for a few days to help his sister move.   Thursday night, I stopped by my parents' house and told them I was taking the kids out of school the next day and running away.  I had heard of a place called Adamtowns, PA and that was my destination.

Why Adamstown?  It's filled with antique galleries and shops.  I thought I could clear my head and maybe buy things for my Etsy shop too.   Because of the long drive, I wasn't willing to take the chance of not being home in time to catch the kids' school bus, so mommy's mental health day meant a day off for them.

I invited my mom along, but didn't get the ok until the next morning.  Much to my surprise, Dad came along too.  He hates antiquing, but didn't want me driving myself with the kids to someplace I'd never been before.  (Our cars are not known to be the most reliable!)   So with Dad driving, Mom in the backseat with the kids, we headed out.  While antiquing, we came across this Bavarian shopping center.  Most of the shops were closed, but it was so darn cute, we had to get out and take a look.

If you know me, you know I LOVE Noah's Arks and this was the mother of all arks!    It was up for auction.  I didn't even bother looking at the price, but took lots of pictures anyway.

I did, however buy a cute Norcrest chick.

I also picked up two cute little pixies dressed in bunny outfits hugging a unicorn.

I'm not sure who the maker is.  I'm guessing Lefton, Holt Howard, or Napco.   

And I couldn't resist this cute Valentine planter!    

And at our very last stop I found this shabby chic shrine of Mary.  There's a place for a candle and is beautiful as a statue, but can also be used as a home altar and place to pray.

By 3:30 pm, we knew we had to leave or else face the wrath of the unforgiving Pennslvania Turnpike.   While mom wanted to nap, the kids had their own ideas in mind.

While the kids entertained Mom in the back....(or was it Mom entertaining the kids?)  Dad was cracking me up in the front seat with his own stories and views on life.

Going away to someplace I'd never been before.  Forgetting about life for a day.  No worrying.  No fretting.  Just enjoying the company of my kids and parents.   Now that's my idea of "running away!"

Friday, February 22, 2013

Multiplying Like Rabbits!

Going through my Easter stash I had completely forgotten about some needle felted bunnies!
They like to drive in wooden cars you know.
Each car is unique.....
All painted and ready for spring!
For those who like pixies and fairies.....
We've got that too!
And then there are the vintage figurines.
And planters...
And yet MORE needle felted bunnies....
 Now I see why it's called, "multiplying like rabbits"!

All available in my Etsy shop:
More to come!

Tuesday, February 19, 2013


Ok.  You're a cute little vintage candy container, but if I don't get my hands moving,
I think I'm going to lose it!
 Time for an upgrade - folk art style!
 Finally got to use what was left of this old bow!
 And I got to try out my new Adirondack Ink colors.  This color is Citrus - love it!
Made him Sunday night and by Monday morning
he was off to live at my friend Shannon's house.

Farewell, Little Bunny!  I barely knew ye!

Monday, February 18, 2013

Breaking Out the Easter Crafts

It's been too cold here in Old Bucks County.  We need a little Springtime to brighten our spirits!

From cute, kitschy little bunnies.....

To primitive, old tin eggs - let me break out the fresh colors of Spring!

Aunt Candy and I hit the motherload of treasure hunts when a woman who crafted for a living had a yard sale filled with vintage Easter crafts.   We filled Candy's trunk and like two little school girls, we giggled all the way home.  And like two teenagers, we decided it wasn't enough and drove back for more!

Most of the crafts are still in their original packages too.    Plenty to keep the kids busy during these cold months.  I may even put together some lots and post in my Etsy shop. 

 Teeny-weeny little chicks and bunnies, I remember from the '70s and '80s.

 And lookie what else I just found.  It's a nice wood curio, but could use a fresh coat of paint.

Now, I've got the supplies.  If only motivation and inspiration would kick in!