"What one can see out in the sunlight is always less interesting than what is behind a windowpane."

Friday, September 14, 2012

It's Time To Say......

My life has taken some very unexpected twists and turns and it's impossible to keep up with it all.  The hardest part was deciding which things had to give.  Blogging has been lots of fun, but it's at the point where I don't have the time for it any more. 

I still plan on visiting the rest of your blogs and seeing what you're up to, but it's time to put mine to sleep.....at least for a little while.

Thanks for the memories!


Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Making a Fairy Tree House

With Ted's help this past weekend, I was able to make this Fairy Tree House for the kids.

 Mary's been obsessed with fairies lately so I wanted to make her something special.

Ted did the hard parts - screwing real branches into the bases while keeping them in alignment.  I tried doing it myself, but he felt bad for me and took over.  It was much harder than I figured. 

Once the levels were in place, I got to do the fun part and decorate!  Mary painted these little circular disks to look like mushrooms.  We mounted them on tree branches for stools around the "campfire".

Lots of little miniatures and moss to give it the woodland feel.

We even have a look-out tower!

Most of the tree house was made from materials I already had at home.  There's a dream catcher and little swing over the bed.  Under the bed is a rug, just cut from an old quilt.

Table and chairs made from branches that I cut with the bandsaw and glued together.

Mary wanted a rope bridge, which was a fun idea.

On another level is this bedroom set.  We used brightly colored Popsicle sticks as a fence and made the bed from branches.  The leaves act as a rug and using the same quilt, cut out a little blanket and pillow.  We also added more ladders to get to each level.

To give you an idea of the size, this is Mary's little hand working the pulley.  We put a dowel through the spool and hung it on two hooks to spin.  Now, they can fill the basket with goodies and raise and lower it to different levels.

Another angle.

There weren't any plans to make this tree house.  I just googled lots of images to get an idea of what I could do.  We'd just build on it as we'd go.  There was some back-tracking and having to rethink things, but that was part of the fun.

A tiny cup to hold teeny-tiny sea shells, which I hear, fairies like.  And another stool to sit on.

The view of the back.

 I used a broken, antique miniature baby cradle to make this porch swing.

You'd be amazed at the things you can make with items you already have around the house.

And the best part of all?  Seeing the kids finally get to play with it! 

 Their smiles make it all worth it.  And I hope it gave them good memories of Daddy and Mommy working together to make them something special.

The hard part now?  Keeping the cat away!  The swinging ladders are just too tempting for curious kitties.