"What one can see out in the sunlight is always less interesting than what is behind a windowpane."

Monday, August 29, 2011

Remember the SEARS WISH BOOK?!

Ahhh...the 1970s, such innocent and exciting times for young children at Christmas. To add to the suspense and forever long wait of Christmas morning was the arrival of the Sears Wish Book. This was not your ordinary sales catalog. Oh no. It was the creme de la creme of Christmas paraphernalia. Christmas on steroids. Kids couldn't resist scouring through page after page of enticing advertising bliss.

As a child, I found it arduous having to flip through so many pages of boring clothes and household items before getting to the toys. I did like looking at the Halloween costumes though. Remember plastic masks? They were fun to wear until you'd start sweating in them, always around the mouth area. There would be little slits for eyes so trying to see where you were going was practically impossible. We'd have to lift up our masks to avoid falling over, but that was ok. We needed to air out our faces anyway.

Looks like PINK was a preferred color in '74!

My Aunt Margie used to wear these capes. We thought she was such a hippie! I actually own one now from 1960 and love to wear it when it's chilly. It's one step away from wearing a warm, cozy blanket.

HATE these pants. Hated them then, hate them now.

Cheesy mustache, bad hair, skin tight clothes. How in the world did people continue to procreate in the 70s? Oh, that's right. Quaaludes.

While the boys played "Space Invaders" and "Combat" on their new Atari, I was mesmerized by my new taperecorder! I can still smell its fragrance as I opened the box. It's hard to explain its scent....sort of like trying to explain a "new car" smell.

I don't think we ever owned a popcorn machine like this. We used to melt Crisco in a huge pot and pour the popcorn in. Then we'd shake it up and popcorn would fling out of the pot and shoot everywhere.

My brothers knew how to play chess, but I never mastered it. I preferred Checkers. Remember this Gothic set?

Ping Pong (or Table Tennis it was also called) was so much fun!! Now people stand alone....in front of a TV.... swinging their paddle in the air....and play against.........................NOBODY! What's this world coming to?

Barbies of course, were BIG in the 1970s. I had a few, but I was more into wholesome dolls like "The Sunshine Family".

I loved Holly Hobbie and also had "The Little House on the Prairie" Colorforms. Isn't it a shame they never made dolls for this show? My heart melted when I looked at the denim dolls to the right of Holly Hobbie. I remember finding the girl in my stocking one year and played with her all the time.

Do I have to say her name?!

I LOVED baby doll strollers! One year, my sister's friend Darlene, gave me a big doll carriage that she no longer wanted. I loved it...until my jackass brothers took it apart for the wheels.

The Big Headed Barbie. The object was to teach a young girl how to apply make-up and have fun making Barbie look beautiful. I asked for one. Got one. And stunk at it. I think I went back to my SunShine Family.

I remember the commercial for this. You'd take the bird, rub its butt against a block of ice to make iceshavings, and then add liquid to make a snowcone.

These snowcone makers were pretty popular too. Wasn't there a Snoopy snowcone maker also?

Fisher Price Little People were always and still are, the BEST toys ever!!

Inch worms!! This ride ranked up there with Hoppidy-Hop. Remember, those big sturdy balls with handles you'd bounce up and down on? Oh! There was also Hoppidy Horse!

GI Joe was really big among the boys. My older brothers had GI Joe and the Star Trek set with all the characters. Now they're all considered "collectible". What a shame they all got broken, but ya know....that's what toys are meant for - playing with and not worrying about being dainty. These were "action figures" afterall!

Again, I ask - how did people procreate in the '70s?!! What did they do? Blindfold all the women?

Hope you enjoyed your trip down Memory Lane!

Friday, August 19, 2011

Halloween Banner for the Hearth

Fall is in the air and Halloween is on my mind!

Inspired by the work of Elizabeth, from Creative Breathing, I knew I had to try a Halloween banner.

H: Every piece of chipboard in this banner is backed with old Lite-Brite paper. All the silver dots are where the children pierced through with their colored pegs. Each letter is also chipboard that I painted Key Lime Green and covered in green glitter paint.

A: This wise old owl came from an old birthday card. I enlarged him and added a googley eye. Spooky scrap paper of the moon and trees was the perfect backdrop. For more texture, I added orange and black crepe paper to each arched base.

L: This piece came from various resources: Halloween scrapbook paper as the background, an old image of a little girl witch, and two ghosts taken from a vintage children's book. "I'm Not Afraid of Spooks. Are you?" were part of the book as well.

L: This little boy is actually an antique paper doll. I dressed him in the clown outfit, added more color with a red marker, and gave him sparkly red pom-poms. I get a kick out of the black cat playing the fiddle.

O: I've used this young lady in red before just because I love her! The background is scrapbook paper with the silhouette of a haunted house.

W: Looks like this little devil has been up to no good writing Halloween graffiti on the wall!

E: Taken from the "Hearth and Home" magazine of 1925, this has become one of my favorite Halloween images. I gave her more details using black, red, and orange markers. She's also bumped off the paper using 3D foam squares.

E: Now this is one cooooooool cat. I repainted his face, outlining in white and yellow to make it *pop*. I also glittered his tie red to match the sparkly orange star and letter E. He's also bumped out using 3D stickers.

N: This poor woman is so scared, she's actually holding the N upside down!! Um...yeah...I meant to do that....no really...I did.

And here it is all together, connected by wire on the sides. Trying to get it all into one picture was practically impossible! Since I don't plan on hanging until Fall, I haven't attached the rope/fabric to the ends yet that will enable me to hang it against the fireplace.

Have you tried making a banner yet? Lots of fun! Even if you don't have a fireplace, you can make one like this that can stand alone, or hang it across doorways, windowsills, on the wall....anywhere your little heart desires!

This will be my last blog until September while we finish up the last official week of summer vacation.

See you then!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Antique Hearth and Home Images For You

While searching for old Halloween images on the internet, I came across the most fab-u-lous Hearth and Home magazine covers. The first is my absolute favorite and I've already incorporated it into a Halloween banner I'm making.

Feel free to use them for your creative needs.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

A Vintage Playground and Fairy Walk

Remember the hours spent at playgrounds that looked like this?!

Lots of METAL and WOOD equipment to play on. We had to be careful though, if it was too hot outside, we could get nice second degree burns on our hands and legs!

Eventually, the paint would fade leaving us to play on bare wood.

How many times did we have to go home and have Mom remove a splinter because a ride was weather beaten?

Do you recall the rides shaped liked spiders? Kids always banged their heads on this one and it hurt!! It's not like today where everything is made of plastic.

My heart wouldn't stop pounding everytime the kids climbed the ladder to this huge sliding board. They just don't make them THIS big anymore!

While Nic sat at the top, I was mapping out in my mind the quickest way to the hospital.

Of course, this old park doesn't have all the cedar chips or recycled rubber beneath all the rides. Just dirt and grass. We're talking Old School, Baby!

What giants did they have in mind when they created this monstrosity? The seats are so high up, I could barely get on them myself. It took three times before I was finally able to lift Nic high enough to sit on the seat.

You wouldn't believe how far back I had to stand to try and get the whole swing set in the picture. Can you tell how enormous this is?

My favorite was always the monkey bars. I remember being able to hold onto them and flipping backwards, landing on my feet. How? I have no idea. How I didn't give Mom a heartattack I also have no idea.

Since it was getting hot, we decided to take a walk in the woods to look for fairies. Mary was so hoping to find a mushroom patch, where she claims they often live.

We searched by the water.

We searched in trees.

Mary thought this would be a great place for fairies to build a home.

"Nope," she said, "I don't see a table and chair in here."

The search continued, but we never found a single fairy, not even a leprechaun! That's ok. We'll bring Daddy back another day. Maybe he can help us spot one.