"What one can see out in the sunlight is always less interesting than what is behind a windowpane."

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Mystery-Envelope Winner Revealed!

A manilla envelope stuffed with paper scraps. Some old, some new, some borrowed...and yes, some blue!

Who will Mary pick to be the winner?

All the names written down and placed inside a vintage Rubens Valentine planter. Shake them up! Scramble them around, Mary!

And the Winner is.............

Joanne, from The Vintage Dragonfly!

Congratulations, Joanne! Be sure to email me your address at buckscountyfolkart@yahoo.com so I can mail out your surprise! To all others, there will be plenty of other Give-Aways in the future. Thanks for playing!

Friday, February 25, 2011

Can't Stand for Peekin'!

I've been debating whether to post Sneak Peeks of what's inside the Mystery Envelope Give-Away. But, I'm someone who loves a surprise. Remember Mr. Edwards from "Little House on the Prairie"? Anytime he had a surprise for the girls he'd say, "Close yer ayes and no peekin'. Can't staaaaaannnnd fer peekin'!"

I'm going to have Mary pick the winner on SUNDAY so I can mail it on Monday, Feb. 28th.

I hope you'll be able to use my pickins fer yer scrapins!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

One Year Anniversary Mystery Bag Give-Away!

I can't believe it's been a year today that I started blogging. Where did the time go?

In honor of this auspicious occasion, I'm putting together a packet of scrapping goodies - whatever I can STUFF into a large manilla envelope! Vintage & new, laces and scraps - just a big old grabbag of fun!

All you have to do is leave a comment so I know you're interested and I'll have Mary pick a name on the last day of February!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Adorable Little Girl Images For you

OK! It's a Girlie-Girl day for sure! But, who could resist these adorable little girl images for their crafting? Enjoy!

They're all so cute, I couldn't even pick a favorite!

Friday, February 18, 2011

Vietnamese Mary

A few days before her surgery, Mary celebrated Girl Scout "Thinking Day". This is where each troop honors a specific country or culture. Mary's Brownie Troop celebrated Vietnam.

Her troop learned an official Vietnamese dance taught by one of the mothers, who grew up in Vietnam.

They practiced and practiced before the big day on stage.

Unfortunately, due to lack of space, parents weren't allowed to attend the show; but that's ok. Ted got lots of pictures from practice.

And another great experience for Mary!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Fabby Thrift Store Finds!

The thrift stores and antiquing has been good to us lately. Behold!

1951 Walt Disney "Alice in Wonderland" songbook.

1951 Walt Disney "Peter Pan" songbook.

1941 Instructions for Using Singer Electric Sewing Machine - just $1.00!!!

1969 Fischer Price "Jumping Jack". I remember having one of these at our house!

An old doll in her wedding dress. It looks like a little girl may have taken some scissors to this doll's head, but I'm not sure. I loved her dress! So much detail.

It came with a slip, undies, and the pearl necklace.

My Aunt Margie is sort of a self-taught doll expert. I'll have to ask her about this.

I found a bag of these cute little vintage doll clothes hangers.

Some have the little baby on the top.

Have you ever seen "The Bumper Book"? I've mentioned it in a few blogs. I came across one last summer and fell in love with the old images of children and animals.

The one I bought was made in the 1930s, but is really beat up. I'm almost afraid to open it for fear of ripping it.

So, I've kept my eyes peeled for similar Bumper Books. I bought this one recently at a used book store. I paid $20 for it, but considering I see this same one being sold on Ebay for close to $100, I thought it was a good price!

If you're drawn to this type of artwork, you might have alot of fun searching for your own Bumper Book. I've seen them on both Ebay and Etsy.

Scrapbooking, journaling, making chunky books, ATCs, art journals, greeting cards, tags, junque journals.....and endless amount of ideas for such cute pictures.

I found this tiny thing and it looks like it's from the 60s or 70s? Does anyone know the name of her?

My daughter, Mary was considering a circus-theme for her birthday in April so when I saw this set of vintage clowns, I had to grab them. Of course, she changed her mind about the circus-theme, but maybe for Nic's birthday.

Some older, unused cards I picked up for 50 cents each, including a set of Mary Engelbreit invitations from the 1980s.

How about this vintage Barbie vanity and chair? I hate it when dolls have nicer things than I do.

And a cute little tricycle dated 1967. It had a name on the tag, but Mary ripped it off before I had time to really look at it. I think it may have said something like, "Tiny Tots."

Mary's surgery went well, but it left a very emotionally depleted mommy.

Ooooooo! I made my very first home-made Italian Wedding Soup last night. That, with thick French bread and lots of butter was the epitome of comfort food. I got the recipe from allrecipes.com if you're ever interested in trying it yourself.

Monday, February 14, 2011


It's been a long few weeks! Nic had the Croup all last week and last night was screaming that his ear hurt. Luckily, this morning he felt well enough to go back to school and get to take part in his Valentine's party; but back to the doctor at 1:00.

Mary's got surgery tomorrow. She'll have her adenoids taken out and eartubes put back in. She had them when she was a baby and Nic's on his third set, so we feel like pros at this point. But, it's never fun having to put your baby under anesthesia.

The kids were excited this morning about their bags of Valentine goodies and stuffed themselves with chocolate before heading out to school. Ted got me, "Julia and Julia", which he gave to me as an early Valentine's present and I got to watch this weekend with a glass of wine and Girl Scout cookies! It was exactly what I needed after this week!

Hoping you all a Valentine's Day filled with love and friendship!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Gelukkig Paasfeest!

In other words, "Happy Easter!" Dutch-style.

Life has been pulling me in so many different directions these past few weeks. To combat the stress, I've been creating Spring, Easter, and Dutch-themed goodies.

I found this adorable little planter and couldn't take my eyes off it.

Bleaching a bottle brush tree gave me this gorgeous shade of cream, which I then sugared with glitter and adorned with vintage Christmas ornaments, flowers, and sparkly new Easter eggs.

I used a strand of glass "cotton candy" beads as the garland and was thrilled when I found these tiny vintage glass strawberries in my stash! I had forgotten about them so it was like finding buried treasure.

Her face is so cute I could just *smack* it!

Next, I used one of my white cherubs to create another Easter tree.

This time I focused more on the colors aqua, pink, and white as the predominant colors. The angel even has a piece of an old blue necklace around his neck.

If you've never dyed a bottle brush tree before, but would like to, give it a try! It's not difficult. Just be sure to wear gloves during the bleaching process; I discovered that the hard way.

More to come!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Have You Heard the Latest?!

Jackie from Once Upon a Fairyland, just opened up the most ADORABLE shop out in Washington. AND she's asked ME to be a vendor!! Isn't that the MOST?! To say the least!

Jackie describes the town as Dutch settled, so anything having to do with Dutch items would be a nice touch. As luck would have it, I happened to have 3 sets of small wooden Dutch shoes in my stash. What? Doesn't everyone?!

Maybe it's my longing for Spring that made me come up with this idea of little bunny rabbits riding Dutch clog cars.

The wee little Easter bunnies were so fun to make. They only stand about 4 inches tall and are made from vintage doll heads and alpaca wool that I needlefelted into the shape of bunnies.

Each clog was first given a base-coat of a Spring color. I then drew pictures depicting both Easter and Dutch motifs. This picture came from a vintage card I just purchased on Etsy.com. I added a Dutch hat to the little flower fairy.

Tulips are essential to a Dutch theme and so fun to paint! I kept these simple.

After the wooden shoe was painted and sealed with a high gloss finish, I painted wooden wheels and dotted the middle with a tiny flower. I used an even smaller wooden wheel for the steering wheel. It drives my son crazy that I only added two instead of four, but two looked much better and gives it a more whimsical feel.

This little pink bunny rides a shoe with a picture of a Dutch girl hugging a jumbo Easter egg.

The windmill in the background was not only a space filler, but definitely added to the overall look.

One challenge was figuring out which color bunny would go best with the painted clog. Had I thought of this before diving in, it would have been much easier, but I think they all complemented each other well.

The idea for this painting came from a vintage Easter card, but instead of a chick wearing a big hat with flowers, I changed it to wearing a Dutch cap. (Is there a technical word for this cap? Hmmm...I'll have to Google that later!)

White bunny.

This idea actually came from a cross-hook image. Instead of the girl holding sewing materials in her hands, I switched it to her holding an Easter egg and rather than no background, I added an Easter basket, windmill, and flowers. Isn't she cute?!

Of course, I had to add Peter Rabbit in at least once!

If you like to reminisce about your childhood and days gone by, why not drop by Once Upon a Fairyland and and visit Jackie (aka "The Girl with the Curl")

Good Night!