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Thursday, November 6, 2014

Recycling Those Old Christmas Bulbs

Look what happens when you take
old Christmas bulbs - too hot and unsafe to use -
and decorate them with pretty glitter and ribbon!
The kids had a ball making these!
Must be the messy glitter.
All you do is thinly spread glue
on the bulb.....
and sprinkle with glitter! 
Once dried, I redid this step
making sure there were no bald
spots.  I also sprayed with
high gloss finish to keep the 
glitter from flitting away.
(Is flitting a word?!  
Sounds appropriate nonetheless!) 
It's not  totally needed, but beforehand I painted
the tops with Silver modeling paint.   Have fun
choosing the hanger!
 While I preferred the brand new extra fine glitter,
both kids liked my vintage large coarse glitter.  
See the difference between the red on the left
with the other colors?
 Martha Stewart makes the prettiest colors too.
Look at the different shades of blue!
It's so good to be putting these old bulbs to use.
I tried using them years ago for Mary's Fairy Party,
but within minutes they were too hot to touch. I 
was so afraid of a child burning herself, I had to take
them down.  So they've just been sitting in our basement.
Use it up.
Wear it out.
Make it do.
Or do without!


  1. Oh my gosh you've out done yourself again!! I LOVE IT!! And how awesome to have the kids helping!!! See that is one of the things I can do when I come over to play!! Only if I could!! They would look so awesome with a garland of pines and them hanging on it dancing in the light of the room. Hey Jill if you get a second pleez stop by my blog I want your opinion on my "JUNQUE CHICK" brooch. I have been wanting to make these for along time. So I whipped this one up for a swap. SHHHH it's a secret lol and hey she lives in Penn too!!! All the cool chicks live there and Mich too!! XOXO Love ya Aunt frannie

  2. Another brilliant idea! That's a fantastic plan for recycling those bulbs and even better, your kiddos had fun creating these special decorations.

  3. These are gorgeous. I also love watching your kids grow up.

  4. so cute! I have several of those old bulbs that I never knew what to do with...except put them in a jar and look at them! :)
    Great Job!
    Erica :)