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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Pink and Pretty Carved Santa Spools

Another set of old spools carved
into the likeness of Santa Claus.
This time I decided to go with
a pink color palette.
 Two have hand-dyed
bottle brush trees on top.
 After dying the trees pink, they
were given layers of two shades
of pink glitter.  Then a roll
in some Diamond Dust 
for good measure!
 I stay away from Turquoise - 
but look how well it 
went with the pink!
 I also try to keep the 
original layers on 
as much as possible.
 I think green goes 
so well with pink too.
 Looks like he's wearing 
a pink helmet!
 When the painting's all done I
always like to antique with
Burnt Umber.
 Another Santa with 
a pink tree.
 Isn't he cute?!! 
I found this rounded spool
mixed in with all the rest so
carved it into a Halloween
decoration.  The candle was
carved separately and inserted
in the hole at the top.
 And the spider's web
gives it the finishing touch.
Except for a small 
callous on my finger, I'm
ready for more!


  1. Oh my goodness. The colors are fantastic and the details are amazing. I can't imagine how your fingers can keep up with all the hard work. You know I'm smitten with that pumpkin too. The tiny candle is just wonderful.

  2. I love all these too Jill.Such tiny work must be difficult. Be back soon-Denise