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Saturday, September 6, 2014

More Halloween Altered Art Dolls

*whew*  Think Santa would let me
borrow some of his elves?
Halloween witches, black cats, and devils are
all created using Dress-Me dolls
dating as far back as the 1930s-1940's.
 All are made using pretty fabrics
and trims, felt, and real wool.  I also
try to add vintage accessories (like her
pink cape pin) and sparkle. 
 This black cat trick-or-treater has
been treated with layer upon layer
of coarse black glitter.  Between layers
I used my hot air gun to not only dry
the glue, but meld the glitter together.
(This was one of those happy surprises!)
This really helped seal the glitter
to help prevent flaking.
While the other dolls are made
of a very hard plastic,
this one is a bit softer so I'm guessing
she was probably made more
mid-century, during the 1950's.
Although I prefer the look and feel
of the older dolls, the softer plastic
allowed me to drill a hole for her
tail without worrying about
it shattering. 
 OOOOO!!  Red and black go
so well together don't they?
Especially when the red sparkles!
 Do you remember the old comic book
called, "Hot Stuff"?  He was part of
the Richie Rich, Casper, Archie days.
He was a little devil who carried a
trident and wore diapers.  And he's what
inspired me to make this one, only
I left out the diapers!
I envisioned this little gal going
to her first Halloween Masquerade.
Like the black cat, I was able
to make a tail for her too.
 I've still got more of these
old dolls just waiting to be
used.  Some having been waiting
70-80 years!
 But I think I'll save the rest
for Christmas dolls.
 All are now available in my
Etsy shop, located on the
right-hand side bar.......
...except for this one.   I decided
to save her for Mary.  One day, she'll
want to decorate her home for
Halloween.   I hope this will bring
back nice memories to her of
us spending time together creating.
But most important,
to remind her that she's never
too old to play!


  1. The glitter is awesome! Can you imagine wearing clothes made with all glitter?! These are such fun creations!


  2. Such wonderful memories you've made with Mary. Keep on playing!!!

  3. Groovey Dolls and how precious you are saving one for Mary!! She sure is a blessed girl!! XOXO Love ya Aunt Frannie

  4. I'm still so impressed with Your MANY talents.....and not just an artist.You are a sweet and wonderful Mommy too. The Pink Praying Santa is sitting on My book self in My computer/craft room waiting for Dec. when He will be moved to the living room.