"What one can see out in the sunlight is always less interesting than what is behind a windowpane."

Sunday, August 31, 2014

What's the Scuttlebutt?

Rumor has it, I'm back in my art room. 
Well, let me just put that rumor to rest.
I'm back in my art room.
 This is the only room in the house I don't
mind being a mess because it means
someone (usually me) is in there listening
to music (usually Christmas or Billie Holiday),
forgetting about her worries and just
focusing on the moment.
 I always think I can sit at a nice empty table
and work on one project without too much of a
mess.  Never happens. 
 For I NEED to go through
bins and bins to find just the right piece of fabric,
or paint color, or accessory. 
 Would you believe with all this
glitter I actually had to go buy
black glitter today?
It reminded me of that quote,
"Water, water everywhere and not a drop
to drink."  
After all the fun I had making patriotic
girls this past July, I knew I wanted to
make some Halloween and Christmas
dolls.  I just started these tonight. 
I have a stash of these old Dress-Me
dolls.  Some, like these, date back
to the 1930's-1940's.  
 This little gal sparkles!!
Her upper body is encrusted in that
black glitter I was telling you about.
 And who's this peeking around the
hat box?   Another Jack-in-the-Box.
He's just about finished.  I only need
to attach a crank.  My hands need
a little break from carving.
 And did I show you the latest?!
While visiting the Wildwood Zoo,
we had an artist draw a caricature
of Mary and Nicolai. 
Nic's not happy with the picture
and refuses to believe it looks
like him.  He just doesn't understand
it's not supposed to be a real-life.
Someday, when he's about 30, he'll
appreciate it.
 This is what I'll be waking up to
tomorrow.  Hope to start bright and early!


  1. Happy creating!!! Love to see your latest happenings.

  2. oh I just wanna come over and create and talk and eat food and create and give you and the kids hugs and bake cookies with mary and create and talk and play!! oh how I wish I could be like bewitch and use my nose to get to your house!! cuz I wanna play and create with you guys!!! love that pic of the kids!! XOXO Love Aunt Frannie