"What one can see out in the sunlight is always less interesting than what is behind a windowpane."

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Pink Santa Claus Carving

With school fast approaching and
no job in sight for me this year, my
worries turn to anxiety.  To cope? 
My hands pick up a piece of wood
and start carving.
 Anxiety levels off as my hands take
on a mind of their own, hacking away into
a piece of wood until a Santa appears.
 And my eyes, as they grow older
and now require glasses to see
things up close, what would I do
without them?
 Satisfied, I bring out the brushes.
What's my angel whispering in my
ear?  Paint him pink! 
And how about trimming his
clothes with pretty pastel flowers?
OK.  Looks good.  Now, how about
sprinkling him with fine glitter
for that extra sparkle?
 Hmmm.....considering how worried I
was when I started this piece,
is it no wonder I subconsciously carved
Santa's eyes closed and his hands
clasped as if in prayer or meditation?
 Sure, I'm still worried to the point of tears,
but I have this gift God has given to me
to make art out of nothing at all.   If I can
replace all the wasted time worrying with
using these gifts productively, who knows
what else I'll be able to create?
It's funny.  I'm a nail-biter and  I've got
a scar on my thumb from when I needed
stitches.  One finger has a tiny callous
from carving wood and my left hand
blows up from time to time, probably
arthritis.  It amazes me how my hands,
though not the prettiest to look at, can
make such pretty things.  There's a lesson
 in there somewhere, I'm just too
mentally exhausted to figure it out! 
I think some Halloween Jack O'Lanterns
might be next.


  1. He is beautiful!!! Love Santa in pink!!! You hafta sell these works of art on ETSY.....and your anxiety will disappear!! You are so gifted!!! xoxoxo

  2. I want one just exactly like it :D GORGEOUS ! Better than anything in the stores and just as good as Jim Shore.

  3. I've said a prayer that God will supply all Your needs according to His riches and that HIS windows of heaven will pour down blessings to You. You can claim it-Love and hugs Denise

  4. I will keep you in my prayers that a job will come open for you soon and until then that all your needs will be met. I think you should make those santas and sell them. he turned out beautifully! hang in there my friend...

  5. You are so talented. He's the perfect color too!!!

  6. While the Santa is beautiful, like all your carvings, I am sorry to hear you so down. I often think of your former banner, with your house covered in snow. There are so many of your posts that have brought me joy, and I am sure many other of your readers feel the same way. Keep the faith, and think outside the box for a job. How about a party planner? With your organizational skills, have you thought of something like a wedding planner, or parties for children. Some planners here make upwards of $150 for a kid's party. You could do that blindfolded. Anyhow, I'll be thinking of you. Thanks for sharing your artwork. Miss you! Patsye

  7. Let Me know when You receive the check in the mail please,for My new Praying Pink Santa.Blessings Your way to cheer You up.