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Sunday, August 10, 2014

African Meat Pies!

I'm bored with myself.
I hate when that happens.
Time to try something new.
How about discovering the secret to making
African meat pies?
African meat pies, also known as, "Samosas", are crispy
little pastry-filled pockets of hearty beef, chicken, or
vegetables. Since this was my first attempt, I kept
 the filling easy. Ground beef, onions, tomato sauce
and lots of different spices filled each pocket.
The one flavor that stood out was Smoked Paprika.
I could have cheated and bought pre-made
pastry dough, but the whole point was
to try something new.  
Once bundled, I tossed them into hot oil and fried
until golden brown.
I was very excited to see the results.
But......how would they taste?
After all that work would anyone
like them?  Ted's a no-brainer.  He'd
practically eat anything I put in front of him.
But......the kids.......
Score:  Mary -1, Nicolai - 0. 
He saw onions and never even gave
them a try.   Mary, on the other hand,
totally surprised me!
 Meanwhile, poor old Blue waited
under the table hoping for Mary
to have an unfortunate accident. 
They say necessity is the mother of
invention.  I say, boredom is.


  1. This post has been rethinking my decision to skip dinner tonight. YUM!

  2. HMMM... I thinking would I or wouldn't I? Probably tatse hem but probably not make them. Sounds to complicated me I'm a simple girl I made tuna sandwiches with tomato slices!! LOL XOXO Love ya Aunt Frannie

  3. Those sound very similar to Paul's family dish.He's Armenian and they all eat a meat pie like that.It's so good! Same thing is happening to Me,I'm getting a little bored.I stepped out of all My craft circles or trading circles in blog land and now I can't find a reason to craft and I miss it so.You, My Dear, on the other hand will be getting excited soon if not already.Back to school, children and family Fall activities.Oh the SWEET memories for Me : ) Enjoy them fully now Jill.I know You will sit back some day just like Me and have the best day dreams of Your warm home filled with those two dolls-Hugs Denise