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Friday, July 25, 2014

My first hand-carved walking stick

After two years of being too afraid to start, I
finally grabbed this walking stick and started
carving.  It's almost 5 foot tall and I carved
most of it using just one knife.
 The top is an eagle's head.  It was carved
separately from the walking stick and
mounted on last.  Love his attitude!  I got
him from a pattern by Shawn Cipa.
For Ted's stick, I wanted to add symbols
that mean something to him.  I knew he'd like
a cross and chose this Celtic one.  

Going downward, I carved out
American stars and stripes.
Next, I thought Ted would like something
to show his Ukrainian heritage.  After seeing
their flag, I knew it was something I
could carve.
 Ted's also part Irish, and I'm about
3/4's so the celtic knot was appropriate.
Below that, I gave a nod to Star Trek.
Love me some old Star Trek!!
 Ted asked me if I could carve or paint
the Phish logo (his favorite band).  Based on
the logo, I knew it wasn't something I could
carve, but painting didn't feel right.  So I
compromised and burned the logo into the wood.
This is the other side of the logo. 
It was harder trying to get pictures
than it was carving it! 
 Ted's a big fan of the classics so I wanted
to pick something to symbolize his love of
reading.  I chose Poe's "The Raven".
The words above read, "Poe" and "Raven" burned
into the wood.  Below the carved Raven
is his incessant, "Nevermore".
 Most of these carvings go completely
around the stick.  The raven sits
on a branch.
 Just for fun and more interest, I
carved a twist nearing the bottom.
 At the bottom, the stick got very thin.
I was concerned with carving out
too much of the wood for fear it would
cause it to become weak.  So I chose
a design on one side.  I went with
another Celtic knot.
 Ted's very happy!

 For me, it was one more project finally done.
 It also proved to me once again
that I should stop worrying so much
about the finished result, because all it
does is stop me from trying.  Instead,
I should just enjoy the process.  Because
you know what?  It was fun!
A new experience for me!
I think I'll try another - maybe
with a Halloween theme....or
maybe Christmas?!


  1. My jaw is on the floor! I can't believe you did that! It's amazing. Really, it's true folk art! Great job!
    Erica :)

  2. I'm with Erica. MY jaw's on the floor. How do you do this? Such big projects with so much of yourself in them. (I'm still remembering that outdoor party at your place that was like a carnival, and you made everything by hand!!!!!) I wish I had your energy, and your TALENT! Beautiful job. By the way, Phish was my son's favorite band too.

  3. Your talents never to cease to amaze me. Absolutely amazing. I'm loving the idea of a Halloween theme.

  4. Well, here's proof that you are talented and artistic, no matter what medium you're working with! It's beautiful, and I'm completely stunned by the fact that it was your first go at carving. Oh, and I can't wait to see your Halloween dolls.....

  5. OH MY GOSH GIRL!! YOU ROCK!!! Just amazing and very Folk Art!! I say Hallowen cuz you LOVE it and rock at it!! I miss you girl!! XOXO Love ya Aunt Frannie