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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

A Few Vintage Finds

Just a few vintage findings.
 Old hard plastic doll.  (I need another one to
complete my patriotic set!)
How cool is this?!  An old AVON
after shave bottle shaped like a
barber shop pole!  Ordinarily, I don't
collect Avon bottles, but I thought this
went well with my patriotic theme and
for $1.50 it was in my price range!
 1930's-1940's Christmas ornaments.
 These are so delicate I'm afraid
to even touch them!
 Are these supposed to be pinecones?
 They liked pink back then!
My favorite find was this old flag.  At first
I thought it was new, but made to look
old, but closer inspection shows me it's really
just old!  You can see some of the stains
and rips in the picture.  It sold for only
$1.50 "As Is".
Now to work on that doll!

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  1. What wonderful Treasures and isnt it a riot to find Christmas Goodies in the Summer most people pass on them so it's perfect timing for us girls!