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Sunday, June 22, 2014

What Could Have Caused this Mess?!

Well, although I'd love to blame this mess
on the kids.....or maybe some elves who
love to play pranks while we sleep, I've
got to admit it was my own doing.
Ribbons, flowers, old Scrabble pieces,
hot glue, glitter, old blocks and more.
What could I possibly have been
busying myself with this afternoon?
It's all her fault.
And HER fault!
This is Magpie Ethel.  Her work constantly
inspires me.  You can visit her here to see
And this is what resulted using 
an old doll and an afternoon of
hunting through my craft bins. 
I found this doll while thrifting
and because she was already dressed
in a red, white, and blue dress, ideas shot
through my mind of how I could
make a patriotic decoration using
her as the focal point.
 Old Scrabble pieces make a
celebratory sign and the bell she
holds is a vintage Christmas ornament
I sprinkled with old glitter. 
 The ribbon in her hair is actually an
old fabric pin! 
 I gave her a belt using an old blue and
white ribbon and added a white
paper flower. 
 She stands on very old red and blue
block, naturally aged with time.
 I found the words "Living in
Freedom" in a 100-year-old church
hymnal and thought it was the
perfect touch! 
It's been so fun decorating and
creating with an American theme.
Years ago, I decorated in this style, but
went through many changes since.  I think
I've come full circle!


  1. I Love Magpie Ethel! I have followed her for YEARS! Such fun eye candy on her blog. Your doll turned out so cute, perfect for the 4th of July! Im your newest follower :)

  2. I'm going to visit Your blogging friend and scroll down to see any posts I have missed.The 4th Doll turned out great-She's even pretty now. PS I haven't
    gone through My Christmas boxes as yet, but when I do I will photo the old 3 carolers.

  3. Glad I could mess up that craft room from so far away! Great little fourth of July friend and love the little pedestal she is standing on! The fabric pin in her hair is a great touch. Good job...red, white and blue!

  4. You can't craft and not make a mess because it just wouldn't be any fun. Your doll is so cute.

    xo Danielle

  5. Isn't Laurie (Magpie) an amazing inspiration! Your doll will be having company soon. Your package should be at your house today!

  6. GOD BLESS AMERICA!! LOVE all of your red white n blue goin on!! I am just trying to keep the house clean right now!! LOL But did decorate the porch in Americana style with a lot of rust goin on!! LOL XOXO Love ya Aunt Frannie

  7. I love how your doll turned out it is so sweet :) Have a Happy 4th ! And ...Magpie, she is extremely creative...I'm sure she is an inspiration to many of us out here in Blogland <3