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Thursday, June 26, 2014

Making More Dolls with Mary

While Mary's spending her summer
hours "making" things on her X-Box,
I encouraged her to REALLY
make something with her own hands,
not something a video tells her
she made.    She saw the fun
I was having making more dolls
and wanted to make one herself.
 So many bits and bobs to choose from,
which will it be, Mary?
 These are the results!
Her top is actually antique lace that
I wrapped around her body.  It's naturally
aged to that color.  No tea or coffee
staining necessary.  Her candy-striped dress
comes from fabric and upholstery sample books
I figured to sell, but in the back of my mind always
knew I'd want to use myself.
 Instead of a hat, I thought a headband
would look cute.
 Using most of the same old
fabrics this little gal was just
as much fun to dress.
 The bow is a vintage fabric
pin made in Japan!
 And then we have my Mary's
doll.   This dame looks like a
1920's Flapper with her wide
headband and fringed dress.
 Mary also wanted to add a
big bow and a sparkly heart-shaped
purse to hold all her patriotic
 Looks like these kittens are
ready for a 4th of July Blow-Out!
Or as the Flappers would say,
"Let's trip the light fantastic!" 


  1. Wonderful job . They are quite stylish and ready for a festive gathering! If I lived closer, I come play with you both too!

  2. I love your patriotic triplets! I need to get lost in creating something fun... other then bears... but I have so many bear orders! I need to stay focused.. or maybe I should give in and make something and then it might be easier to stay focused on the bears! lol!
    have fun!

  3. I love how your decorated your little dolls...they are so pretty! Wonderful job!

  4. Darling.....and Your both having so much fun :)