"What one can see out in the sunlight is always less interesting than what is behind a windowpane."

Monday, June 2, 2014

Good Friend, Why Did You Have to Go?

Last Monday, Troop 19 in old Langhorne
marched in the Memorial Day parade.
 Honestly, at first I dreaded it.  It was hot.
It was a long walk with constant stops.
And I just wasn't in the mood.
 But as soon as I got there, my attitude changed.
My kids were excited to be in a parade.  And we
had FIVE pounds of candy to toss!
Nicolai spent the whole time with
one of his best friends, Kyle.
And I ran into a good friend myself!
Michelle took me under her wing this
year as I learned the ins and outs
of working with special needs children.
We got to see the old cars.  One in particular
had a WOMAN WWII vet.  I clapped and shouted
to her and she gave me the thumbs-up.  Go girl!
We followed behind the Revolutionary War
Re-enactors.  We stopped at one grave which
is the final resting place for 166 soldiers. 
Everyone grew silent as they paid their
respects to these fallen warriors.
 It turned out to be a really nice morning.
To my surprise (and delight!) at the end
there were free hotdogs and drinks.   
 Just today, exactly a week later, we were all shocked
to hear of the unexpected passing of
one of our leaders, Roy.  He was the nicest
man.  This was to be his final year with the
cub scouts and we wondered what
we'd do without him.  We rested easy knowing
he'd still be around to pick his brain.
It reminds me of the words from
Kenny Rogers, "Good friend, why
did you have to go?  Just when I was
getting to know you, I'll sing this song to show
you were a good friend.  They don't make them
quite like you.  And in my memory you'll always
be a good, good friend to me."


  1. Reading this brought back Memories for Me with My little girls when they were scouts,baton and ect... and that's how I felt too.I think it's because parades usually occurred in the summer.Once You get in the excitement though it's fun.So sorry to hear of the leader-It's always tough for the troops.

  2. Oh yes,I haven't been through My Christmas boxes just yet-When I do I'll get back to You :)

  3. What a terrible loss. I'm sure it's been quite a shock for the troop. I'm glad the spirit of the day made the "hot" parade worthwhile. I often feel the same way when attending Emma's marching band parade obligations. Congratulations on wrapping up the school year. I'm sure your new position been so rewarding and exhausting. Time to play!