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Thursday, June 12, 2014

4th of July FIRECRACKER Tutorial

Want to learn how to make your OWN
wooden decorative firecrackers?!
Come on, it's fun!
Wooden Dowel (size is based on how big you'd
like your firecracker)
Paint (red, white, blue)
Antiquing medium of your choice (optional)
Glue - I prefer hot glue
Saw - to cut your dowels (if you buy at Home Depot
or Lowes, they can cut it for you)
Jute, thin rope, anything that can be used for a fuse.
Finishing spray (matte or satin finish is best) - optional.
1)  Cut your dowel into several different lengths.
 (I was lucky enough to use my Dad's chopping saw.  If
you don't have one, either have the store cut it for you
or else buy a thinner dowel and hand saw it yourself.
A scroll saw or bandsaw can also be used.)
2)  Drill holes on top.  This is where
the fuse will go.
3) Paint the firecrackers
in all the colors of Old Glory. 
No need to be nervous!  That's the
beauty of folk art - it's made by
common folk!  I just eyeballed
all the stripes and used a stencil for the
stars, but you can certainly
free-draw them or use stickers.

4)  Once dried, I always like to spray with
a clear coat for a protective finish. 
5)  Add a dab of hot glue inside the hole
you drilled and add a piece of jute.
6)  I then wiped on Walnut Ink to
give them a more time-worn look.  There
 are tons of antiquing mediums to choose
from - paint, gels, inks, sprays,
crackle finishes, etc.
7)  Last, I bundled them
together using the jute.  You can also tie
patriotic fabric or ribbons around them.
Made in America!
(We need to see more of that).
I think it's time to redecorate the mantel!


  1. Loving this idea! I love all the varying sizes of your firecrackers. Can't wait to see the mantle too!

  2. Hey Chickie I wanna see the mantel all decked out!! LOVE YA BOOM Aunt Frannie