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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Latest Thrift Store Finds

Found some fun finds this
past weekend!
Remember these old hard
plastic dolls?
I remember my Mom using the
half-bodies to make doll
cakes.  She'd put the doll in the middle
of a dome-shaped cake so it looked
like a dress.  Then used cake
decorating to cover the top.
 In the craft section of the thrift
store I also found a big bag of
the old wooden doll pins.  
 A few have feet and faces already
painted in. 
 This instruction booklet opens up
like a map revealing directions
for different people to make.
 One bin was full of these gorgeous
upholstery samplers.  They're
about 18x12.5"  This one is black
and mustard.  I don't which
side I like best the front....
or back. 
 With the brass rings already
inserted, wouldn't these be
great for creating fabric
wall collages? 
 And another version of the
Mustard reminds me of colonial
 And speaking of colonial times... 
 This could be hung up just
how it is.  It'd fit right in an
old home.  Scrumpsh.
 This was a special find -
a vintage miniature Fontanini
Nativity set.  The people are only
an inch or two tall!  And it just
so happens I have a miniature stable
stashed away.  I'll have to see if they
go together. 
.Simple women with simple tastes!


  1. Looks like a fun day in thrifty land! Some of my favorite birthday cakes were the doll cakes. My mom was a whiz at making those cakes. I didn't inherit that skill. Have fun creating!

  2. Great score! I always wanted one of those doll cakes when I was little but never had one.

  3. More fun :) I'll be waiting to see what You do with all of it ; ) Oh boy ---the manger scene.