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Friday, April 18, 2014

A wee bit of Easter

A few years ago I would have looked at
these old Easter crafts, cringed thinking of
the cheesy '70s and kept on walking! 
My 44-year-old eyes now look
upon these crafts no longer with contempt
but with nostalgia. 
Do you remember making these?
 Isn't it fun going through decorations
and forgetting what you've collected over the
years?  I was surprised by my stash.
These are all made from metal and open up
to hide Easter surprises.
Forget plastic.  give me wood and metal!
 This egg is extra large
and too big for the basket.
It's the only one I have made of paper mache.
 Found these at Michaels.  Not everything
I decorate with has to be vintage!  Made of
metal and just a few dollars. 
 These are so delicate I was afraid to take them out
of the jar for close-up pictures.  These were
hand-made by Ted's grandparents.  
It takes a steady hand and
tons of patience to do this kind of art,
neither of which I have!
I wanna Easta egg!  I wanna Easta egg! 
I wanna Easta egg!


  1. Those eggs in the glass jar are beautiful! I love all your eggs, but then again I love everything Easter!



  2. Those eggs from Ted's grandparents are absolutely breathtaking. You have a splendid Easter collection. Your chenille Styrofoam rabbits are so cute. Easter blessings!

  3. Jill, thank you for your sweet words. <3 Seeing all the colorful Easter decor pics on everyones blogs sure lifts my spirits! I just bought one of those CRAZY styrofoam bunnies last week. I picked it up and thought, "Why do I like this???" and bought it anyway. He's pretty cute...

  4. love your egg collection! and I agree, those old things that we used to not batt an eye at sure do have some appeal now dont they?
    Happy Easter to you and your sweet family Jill!

  5. I loved looking at all Your pretty Easter eggs.Good to visit with You.