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Sunday, December 8, 2013

Tried Something Different for Nativity

This year my desire was to break out of the
same-old, same-old Nativity.  Instead of
choosing one specific set, I
took almost every piece I had
and grouped them together into one.
 "Big Schlameel" you say?  For me it is.  When it comes
to miniatures I have this uncanny need 
to have everything the same scale.

 Not this year, Babycakes.
This Nativity scene is my favorite yet
and it's filled with not only all different
sized pieces, but completely different
composition too.
 The only thing they all have in common is
that they're all old.
 Most are marked Italy, Germany,
and Japan.  See the dog?  Found him last year.
Never saw a dog in a Nativity before!
 Chalkware, paper mache, and
plastic figures live together
in perfect harmony.
 Six-inch shepherds and three-inch camels?
No problem!
 Some are bright and vibrant, some
are faded and chipped.
 Some, like the Putz donkey in the back,
must be restored or they won't last much longer, while
others are left in original condition.
 This angel from Germany won't be touched,
but the shepherd boys in the background
are all getting repainted.  Their original
paint made them look
like zombies!  Not that I don't like
a good zombie, just not in my Nativity.
 Animals of all shapes and sizes too.
The camels and sheep are my
I really wanted to paint a background of Bethlehem for this
set too.  I did a quick test run and was happy with
the results until..........
the thick cardboard I painted on curled!  It was
practically in the shape of a C.  Glad it was
only a test run.  Guess the best choice
would be stretched canvas.  No time to try again this
year, but that gives me an entire year to work
on a new one!


  1. What lovely pieces. A gorgeous display. Have a blessed Christmas week ahead.

  2. Thanks for sharing the Nativity you did. It seems like not many remember to share their Nativities After all he is the Reason for the Season!

  3. Yes Jill-Beautiful and this was what I've been waiting patiently for from You, a restoration post,what FUN.My all time favorite nativity pieces are from hard rubber of some sort,like My mom's and Mine she bought Me in 1977.I can't find them out there now for My own daughters. I love them because they never break and that's what My girls need,don't all young families need one that never breaks. Merry Christmas Denise