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Monday, December 9, 2013


WHY, Oh, WHY, I ask you,
WHY has HGTV gone from a network
of shows that ALL viewers could enjoy
and benefit from, to a network filled with
shows that just show off how the rich
and famous live?
Remember these old favorites?
"Room by Room" with
Matt and Shari.  Sure, looking back some of the
work they did was cheesy, but that's what
made it so fun!  They made things on a budget,
giving ideas for those of us who barely
had two nickels to bang together.
And Oh, that Grant Goodeve on
"If Walls Could Talk."  This show featured
people who found old treasures hidden inside and
even outside their homes.   And the fun
was watching how the owners
discovered the history of these homes.
And how about all the craft shows?  We NEVER
see them featured on HGTV any more.   "The
Carol Duvall" show gave lots of ideas for
those who couldn't afford to go out and
buy decorations for their homes.  Instead,
she taught us how to make them ourselves.
And let's not forget Joan Steffend from
"Decorating Cents."  She'd decorate a room
for under $500.   Now we're bombarded
with shows about people who complain
about old tiles in a bathroom.
 Instead of "Designer's Challenge", we watch
"House Hunters", "House Hunters International"
and isn't there even a "House Hunters Hawaii"?
 Why watch, "Designing for the Sexes" when you
can just go buy a brand new $800,000 home?
And then still have money to renovate
by the way.
 Why did HGTV get rid of the shows the common
person could relate to like, "That's Clever!"? 
 Even in my VERY young 20s, HGTV
was one of my favorite channels. 
All those years of living in apartments,
Ted and I would watch these shows,
dreaming about what it'd be like
to own a house someday.  We had so
many conversations that started with, "If
that were our house we'd....." 
If they had the same shows now they did
back then, we'd NEVER think we'd be
able to afford a home. 
Now, it's all
about watching rich people spend more money
renovating one room than we did on our
entire house!  Sure, that's fun to watch once
in a while....but it's all there is now.
So, why the rant?
Back in the days of VCRs, I taped a few
years' worth of HGTV Christmas specials.  I'm worried they're going
to break soon because they're over 10 years old. And since
they never replay them, once they're gone, they're gone.
 The same shows I watched when Mary was a baby, I watch with
her and Nicolai now....and they LOVE them!
  It's so sad scrolling through
channels NOW and not finding any Christmas
specials to watch with the kids.
I've got Kitty Bartholomew making Christmas ornaments,
Carol Duval learning how to make a gingerbread man
cookie holder out of terra cotta pots!  Joan Steffend
decorates a farm house for under $500 while
Matt and Shari decorate 3 rooms for Christmas (my favorite being
the lodge look!)  On Designer's Challenge, the designers must
contend with a room decorated in a monkey theme (I bet
the clients are really embarrassed about that now!) and we visit an old
log home on Christmas Country Style.  If you want to see how
others celebrate Christmas, you'd love "Small Town Christmas" where
everyone sings around the lighthouse in one town while
Sinterklaas shows up in another German town. 
What happened to the warm and cozy feel HGTV used to
portray in it's shows?   Why did they give up their charm?
It's like the let-down of opening a magazine that promises
page after page of scrumptiousness, only to find it filled ads
and cologne samples.




  1. Im with ya girlfriend! send your rant to the network. not that they care, but why not share your opinion with them.
    at least we have our blogs and we get a lot of that stuff here. right?

  2. Bravo! I couldn't agree more! It used to be my favorite channel and now I hardly ever watch. Twyla

  3. Yes, I remember all those shows! Now it's so much less DIY and more, buy buy buy. And that magazine you're talking about has got to be Country Living- not exactly "country" anymore! I used to love it but lately, meh....

  4. I'm with you kiddo!!! I never watch it anymore. And all the magazines have gone 'all white decor'........very disappointing!!!

  5. OH, my comment disappeared??? I was just saying how much I loved decorating cents and if walls could talk and room by room....I had so forgotten about them...Matt and Sheri, were cheezy, but so easy to follow...Thanks for the reminder of the good old days!!!


  6. I remember watching Carol Duvall with my mother and grandmother. Definitely a favorite. You need to send this post to HGTV. They need to hear this.

  7. After my rant, I actually found their FB page and guess what? Page after page of people asking what happened to the way HGTV used to present itself? They complained about the same thing. Instead of make-it-yourself designing and decorating, it's now nothing but an advertising channel for real estate. Believe me, they're definitely hearing it from people, but obviously don't care. Maybe another channel will come along and create shows like we used to watch.

  8. Hi: I watched all the shows you mentioned. I think I will join the group on FB and let them know. Thank you for your visit. Have a wonderful week. Blessings, Martha

  9. Jill-The shows I really miss are the ones they even took off several years ago...knitting and crafting....or at least I couldn't find them.I could spend a whole day watching knitting and crafting.I agree, I don't care for any show or even magazine that mostly features super wealthy people. Blessings Denise