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Friday, December 27, 2013

Needle-Felted Minion

Is it possible for a brain to be constipated?
It's been so blocked lately that's the
only reason I can come up with.
Regardless, I did manage to
needle-felt Stuart, a Minion
from the "Despicable Me" movie.
 Stuart's only three inches tall.  I used
a washer for his goggle and vintage
boot charms for his feet.
 And for those who don't know what
a Minion is, this is Dave.  I never
met a Minion I didn't like!
Ya think if I stand on my head
the blood rushing to it will unclog my brain?


  1. How fun! I think you might be the first one to make a needle felt Minon. Brilliant!

  2. Your brain is fine. You're just tired. No one crafts better than you. You are the Queen!!!

  3. Very COOL!! And I think Mary likes it!! Love ya Aunt Frannie XOXO