"What one can see out in the sunlight is always less interesting than what is behind a windowpane."

Monday, December 30, 2013

My Craft Room Says Hello!

What do you do when you're in a creative
rut?  Get up and get moving.  Sometimes
it's the best thing to uncloud your mind.
 While busying myself with house cleaning
and organizing, a wondrous thing
happened - my mind cleared and
inspiration set in!  
 I actually didn't sit down until 10 p.m!
Being more of an early bird as opposed
to a night owl, this was not normal
for me, but I was too excited
to wait 'til morning to get started.
 I'm the type who needs a clean space to
work at and this is exactly the reason why!
By the time I'm done, piles and piles
of materials are everywhere.
 I brought out all kinds of bins and boxes
for more ideas. 
 Crepe paper....
 Vintage millinery...
 Folders packed with images of
every kind....
OOOO!  And I finally got to try
some Copic markers Ted got for my
birthday.  They're dreamy!
First thing Sunday morning I woke up
and spent hours at it again,
in between loads of laundry of course! 
 Look what I found while sorting
through my bins!  I completely forgot
I had these.  They're old skaters turned into
Valentines.  The mailbox is a bank that I
hope to have time to decorate too.
 For now, they're sitting on
my shelf, but I want to make
a Valentine display.
 Another fun part about all this
creating?  I never had to leave
the house.  I'm just using what
I have at home.  Years of collecting
and thrifting has been worth it.
 The house is
clean, the kids are still in bed, and
that's my cue to finish
what I've started!
If you're feeling sluggish too..
if you've got no inspiration
or energy....get moving.  Get the blood
flowing and release that tension.
 It may be the last thing you WANT to do,
but exactly what you NEED
to do.  Now, if only I could apply
my own advice to getting on the treadmill.


  1. While enjoying your post, creating with what you have, it had me thinking that this year, could be, the year of using what I have and not buying any craft items! Hmmm...and LOL about exercising :) ...I'm reading blogs instead of working out :)

  2. The photos of Your work table are just gorgeous to Me :) LOVE LOVE LOVE them ; )

  3. Oh, what fun!!!! I'm in the process of putting all the holiday craft stuff away, weeding out as I go along. Its snowing again and a good time for organizing and purging!!! Where is your craft room, it used to be your dining room........some where new?? Have a good time!!!

  4. Aren't they wonderful! I knew you'd get those creative juices flowing again. Happy New Year! Your amazing creativity always put a smile on my face! I can't wait to see what else you have in store in 2014!

  5. Hey Jill I was reading what Deb said about this year being the year she uses what she has!! We should start a blog posting about just that very thing! I am doing that and enjoy it a lot!! Weeding out and still making those crazy piles!! I just want to create in an enviorement(SP) that is safe!! LOL But using what I have is cool!! I like you have some super cool things!! XOXO Love ya Aunt Frannie

  6. I see alcohol inks & all kinds of cool stuff. Sure wish I was closer & we could play together ;-)