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Saturday, December 14, 2013

More Old Christmas and Pixie Images

Another wet, snowy day.  After running around
all morning, I'm just in the mood to go through
old cards and share them with you.
This old postcard is one of my
favorites and dated 1916.
On the back it reads, "Dear Laura, We rec'd your card.
Many thanks. We would like to hear from you if you ever
get time."  Aunt Anna
(Think Aunt Anna was making a slight
hint, don't you?!)

This bunch of cards are from the mid-50's.

 This was also from the set of Christmas cards.
Since it had been glued to a scrapbook page,
Mary was trying to scrape off the backing so
we could read what it said.  Unbeknown to me
she was using scissors!  Went right through
the old postcard.  *sigh*
 Here are two Victorian photos.
I may have posted them before, but
so pretty they deserve another
go 'round!
 Writing on the back says (if I'm
reading it correctly):
"Mary Woodbury, Grandma Ladds'
sister's daughter" and was taken
in Maine.
 This doesn't have a date, but the
back reads, "To Eleanor from Francis,
How is my little girl?"
 And for all you pixie lovers out there, I
got these out of an old scrapbook made
of linen.  I personally don't find them
to be very cute, but I know there are
many pixie lovers out there in Blog Land!

Ted's working in the basement, the kids just came in
from playing outside, and I'm really enjoying
some time to just "be."  Hope your weekend
is just as comforting!


  1. Thank you for sharing your images. That skating Santa is absolutely fantastic. I must frame it!!!

  2. Darling collection :) I enjoyed visiting Your post and You.What a wonderful wish You gave Us ...a comforting weekend.....Thank You ,loving thoughts Denise