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Monday, October 14, 2013

Giving This Old Car a New Life

What to do with an old yellow car?
Make it a get away car for little menaces who
think tricks are more fun than treats!
 Or maybe they're just innocently
driving to a Halloween party.
 Either way, they're getting
where they're going - Halloween style!
 This little ghost is in charge
of driving.  Based on his
expression, he must be driving
the Pennsylvania Turnpike
during rush hour!
 This little trick-or-treater is dressed
up like a bunny.  I had a few of these
for Easter and instead of an Easter
egg I have her holding a JOL
bell and goodie bag.
 The witch is my fave!
Like the bunny, her head is actually
a vintage doll's head and her
body is needle felted.
I used black velvet leaves and trim
taken from a 1930s hat to make her
skirt and cape. 
She holds a flag in one hand
and flying bat in the other. 
Reminds me of my younger years...
the excitement of getting dressed up
for trick-or-treating and 
Halloween parties.
Funny how taking my own kids out
now is just as fun.....in a totally
different way.
Don't wait up!


  1. How very, very cute. Love it- Diana

  2. Squeal! You know I'm loving this. It's absolutely fantastic. Sending you a bunch of Halloween hugs!

  3. love seeing your little makeovers! adorable!!
    happy tuesday!

  4. I LOVE my Funky Halloween Car!! It is in my vintage livingroom fitting in quite well!! Woo Hoo!! You rock Jill!! XOXO Love ya Aunt Frannie