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Thursday, October 17, 2013

All Ready for Halloween!

Last Saturday night was spent making a
scarecrow outfit for Mary.
 After 4 years of being an army man,
(Yes, I bought it too big to get many
Halloweens out of it!)
Nic wanted to be something different.
I couldn't blame him.  So he was
super excited to be
Captain America.
 Mary, my good little girl, helped her
Mommy stretch a dollar and let me
make her outfit for her.
After seeing a beautiful woman
on Pinterest with her face
painted like a scarecrow, Mary
happily agreed to be one.  
 Remember this black cat she made?
 They can't wait to go


  1. How cute are THEY!!!! Mary is absolutely adorable. Josie is going to be a blue ninja for Halloween. Nic and Josie could make quite the pair together!

  2. Jill,There are a few reasons I like following You and checking regularly to see if You've posted. One is You know already, I love Your talent as an altered artist.The other, is although I looked nothing like You as a young Mother (TeHe)The fact that You remind Me of how I raised My own Daughters and My family life of years past...now they're all adults.I got Your last note and have prayed the Lord takes care of EVERYTHING. Love Denise

  3. Best pic ever of the kids!! I LOVE IT!!! Oh they grow so darn fast!! Been praying for you just hadn't ventured past my email for ahile!! LOL So I hadn't commented yet!! Hope you are doing good!! I am crazy over whelmed with stuff I need to finish up!! EWW!! I can do it !! I can do it!! I can do it!! Trying to motivated myself!! LOL XOXO Love ya Aunt Frannie

  4. What have You been repurposing and creating lately Dear Jill ?

  5. Hi Denise. Unfortunately, life has overwhelmed me so I haven't had any time or peace of mind to sit down and create. Hopefully, we'll catch a break soon.