"What one can see out in the sunlight is always less interesting than what is behind a windowpane."

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Let the Fall Decorating Begin!

Who cares that it's so hot outside
it steamed up my camera so I
couldn't take pictures?
I need FALL and I need it NOW.
 If I can't have it outdoors,
I'll make it my own indoors.
 Faux candles with flickering lights,
black ravens, pumpkins, pinecones
and leaves all make me very happy.
 I even have a Halloween trick-or-treat
bunny rabbit.  All redone in orange,
black and purple.  With a hint
of yellow. 
 Looking at the September calendar,
I felt overwhelmed and anxious.
My way of decompressing?
Cleaning, organizing, and making
the house look scrumpsh.
 I may be in one of Ted's old t-shirts
and sweats, but the house looks good!
 What does Ted always say?
Happy wife.  Happy life.
 I know there are others out there
mourning over the close of summer.
They love the sandy beaches
and hot weather.
Not me.  Give me cool, crisp
Autumn anyday.
Are YOU ready?!


  1. I'm with you kiddo.....bring on the cool, crisp weather and the sounds of crunching leaves, and the smell of crackling fires.......I am soooooo ready!!! Not to mention all the wonderful foods.....pumpkin pie, cider, apple pies, baked squash, stew cooking on the stove......

  2. You totally described all the scrumptiousness I'm trying to describe! Bring it ALL on!

  3. You know it girl! Me too! Oh yes I need fall NOW.

  4. I don't like the chaos of balancing school routines with work, but I'm ready for fall decor. Love your mantle.

  5. I'm with you Jill! Bring on the fall! Love your mantle! I have my cinnamon candle on and it smells yummy!


  6. I love the fall too, but I will miss the summer. I just wish we could limit winter to only 2 months.. november to janurary. oh well.. wishful thinking!
    Love your fall mantel. Im dying to dig out my halloween stuff! we'll see, I'm trying to hold off a little longer.. dont know how long I can last though! lol!
    happy day!