"What one can see out in the sunlight is always less interesting than what is behind a windowpane."

Sunday, September 22, 2013

To the New Bride and Groom

Congratulations Janie and Matt!
What a gorgeous couple you
both make!

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Happy 8th Birthday, Nicolai!
You steal your mommy's heart.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Another Halloween Transformation

I thought this was an exceptionally
pretty Pfalizgraff bunny, but it
just didn't fit my d├ęcor.
Maybe time for a Fall Transformation.
 The heart wants what it wants!
 At first, I painted the flowers Fall colors,
but they didn't look right.  I hated everything
about it.  So up on the shelf it sat for a few weeks.
I was going to throw it in the garbage, but
decided to cool my head for a while.  Then
a new idea popped into my mind.
 Using paper clay, I covered over the
flowers.  Then once that dried, I
recovered with Rigid Wrap, which
is always easy to paint over.
 I'm not ashamed to admit how much
fun I had making this!
 The trick-or-treat bag is filled with
a combination of new decorations
and old black feathers taken off a
1930s lady's hat.
 Originally, I made his clown hat
to fit, but thought it was too much.
I tried again, this time making a
much smaller, cuter one.
 Of course, he has to wear his
masquerade mask.  I added lots
of glitter to make it sparkle.
My Mom will slap me for this, but
here goes........

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Vintage Halloween Planter Redo

Found this old Halloween
planter in the basement of
an old school house-turned antique
shop.  Even though most of
the paint was chipped away, 
the condition of the planter
is in great condition.
 How do you like the new
look?  Instead of gold scrolling,
I painted it a deep dark green
to complement the
orange.  After repainting the
little pumpkins lining the bottom,
I converted them into
 Jack O'Lanterns.

 I painted a band around the hat,
which apparently, the original didn't have.
Strange, the mold had a band, but
the hat was painted pure black with
just the buckle. 
 Finally, I painted a little
mask on the witch's face, as if
she's going trick-or-treating or
off to a masquerade.
Repainting old planters isn't easy because
the paint doesn't adhere well, often smearing.
If you try this, I highly suggest using
Martha Stewart paints.  (It was one of those
unexpected happy discoveries!)  This paint
is much thicker than typical acrylics and I've
found that it sticks much better to smooth,
shiny surfaces. 

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Let the Fall Decorating Begin!

Who cares that it's so hot outside
it steamed up my camera so I
couldn't take pictures?
I need FALL and I need it NOW.
 If I can't have it outdoors,
I'll make it my own indoors.
 Faux candles with flickering lights,
black ravens, pumpkins, pinecones
and leaves all make me very happy.
 I even have a Halloween trick-or-treat
bunny rabbit.  All redone in orange,
black and purple.  With a hint
of yellow. 
 Looking at the September calendar,
I felt overwhelmed and anxious.
My way of decompressing?
Cleaning, organizing, and making
the house look scrumpsh.
 I may be in one of Ted's old t-shirts
and sweats, but the house looks good!
 What does Ted always say?
Happy wife.  Happy life.
 I know there are others out there
mourning over the close of summer.
They love the sandy beaches
and hot weather.
Not me.  Give me cool, crisp
Autumn anyday.
Are YOU ready?!