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Friday, August 16, 2013

Weeding with Vinegar and Salt

BEFORE:  This is what our walkway
looked like before trying a vinegar
and salt solution.
 AFTER:  This is what it looks
like the morning after.
 It was no miracle cure, but it did help with the weeding. 
Instead of using harsh chemicals,
I used a gallon of vinegar with a cup of salt.
 After only two hours, the weeds began to brown and crisp.
It's recommended the weeds be sprayed in direct
sunlight and in very hot weather.  Also, make sure
to only spray the area you want weeded so as to
not damage good grass or flowers.
Supposedly, if you wait a few days the weeds
will completely shrivel up.
I didn't want to wait!
 While pulling the weeds, I found the browned ones
easily popped right out, while the greener ones
still took some work.  I'm sure if I had given it more
time, my job would have been easier and quicker.
But sometimes I'm very impatient.
Next summer, I'll not only let the weeds
sit for a few days, but I'll also give them two
rounds of the vinegar and salt.  And I'll do it
during one of the summer heat waves. 
Also from what I've read, once the vinegar solution
is down deep in the soil, it makes it much
tougher for new weeds to grow.  
Only time will tell!


  1. oh what a good girl you are! I so do not like to do garden work. but it always looks so nice afterwords doesnt it?
    good job Jill!
    have a great weekend

  2. That is magical! I'll have to show this to Chris. He's got some big landscaping and clean up ahead of him with his door project. The clock is ticking away. He goes back to his school social worker position soon. Where did summer go?

  3. I use this myself Jill, and it does work great! Your walkway looks great!


  4. I have so much trouble with weeds in my garden, going to try this out. Thanks for sharing!

  5. OMG, that is fantastic! I am so going to do this. Thanks!