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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Rustic Wedding Card Holder

Next month, my niece, Janie, wants a
rustic wedding reception.  (One of my favorite themes!)
She can decorate with natural materials, saving her
tons of money and the theme itself is so charming.
Anyway, I asked if she had a card holder. 
Can I make one for you?
Oh yeah!  Thanks!
This box was given to me by
my friend Ruth, who died a couple months ago
at the age of 92.
It was handmade by her father over a century
ago!  It doesn't get much more
rustic than this!
Originally, I was going to use typical brown
burlap, until I found this gorgeous country red. 
After cutting the burlap to fit, I pulled at
individual fibers to give it a more worn out, frayed look.
Next, using a template I painted the words
directly onto the burlap. 
I could have painted cardboard templates and glued them on,
but I preferred painting them right onto the burlap.
  It looks more homemade and rustic this way,
which is the look we're going for.
Using just a smidgen of hot glue,
I tacked down the burlap.
Then I nailed in 4 tacks to each corner.
These weren't necessary, just decorative.

With the old leather strap still attached,
Janie will have no trouble carrying her
wedding cards home.   
 Because I used red burlap, this would also
make a great place to hold Christmas cards!
What was once an
old toolbox used by a farmer over
100 years ago will
now hold wedding cards and best
wishes for a young couple just
starting their lives together. 
Am I the only one who
finds this romantic?

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  1. What a unique card holder. Love it. It's much better than the cardboard box I used 21 years ago.