"What one can see out in the sunlight is always less interesting than what is behind a windowpane."

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Look What I Discovered

After another day of clearing brush
and debris, look what I found hiding
under more dirt and weeds - MORE
bricks!  This is the first set
that actually seems to make sense though.
Rather than just laid out willie-nillie,
this looks like it was actually
once a little garden.
 See this pile?  Just a few days ago it was
two HUGE piles.  After burning them in a
small barrel, I'd had enough and brought
out the big guns.  Ted actually found this
galvanized ring and it makes the perfect
fire pit, especially while trying to get rid of
so much debris.  Today I bought a pitchfork
to clobber more of this mound of mulch.
 Our friend, Craig owns his own landscaping
business.  He and his buddy came over a few days
ago to clear out tons of grapevines, brush, stumps,
you name it.   Mary pitched right in to help.
 This is the first time since owning the house
we're seeing some real progress.  It was like a jungle
when we first bought it.  No exaggeration.  We
couldn't even get to our mailbox as it was
surrounded by thistles and thorns. 
Twelve years later we're still finding more bricks,
rocks, and who-knows-what on this land.
 I was so proud of Mary for helping without being
asked.  She made $5.00, which she wasn't expecting.
But the cutest part?  The guys tipped her $1.00.
I don't know much about yard work, but I
DO know about cleaning and organizing. 
Ted's got the outdoor vision, but too little time.
I'm hoping to just keep clearing, getting
some much needed exercise and sunlight.
It feels SO good.  And judging by
Mary's picture, she feels the same!

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  1. It's such hard work. Great job, Mary! Your yard is really shaping up nicely. How nice to have landscaping connections to help with the more difficult vegetation. Keep the pictures coming.