"What one can see out in the sunlight is always less interesting than what is behind a windowpane."

Thursday, August 1, 2013


Such a nice white vintage planter.
But I envision more!
I've got Halloween on the brain!
How do you like my transformation? 
 Now the little girl in white turns into
the cutest little witch mailing out
invitations to her Halloween party.
 Hand-dyed and glittered bottle brush trees
are the perfect backdrop to this piece.
Notice the bat flying between them?
 Although I repainted her, I left her
original face, arms, and legs. 
Her apron and hat are made using
new and antique fabrics and trims.
Love combining old and new!
 In order to fit both trees into the planter,
the back had been opened up and then
sanded smooth with a Dremel tool.
 See the little bird on the mailbox?  He was painted
black to look like a raven!  And instead of just painting
over some flowers, I added tiny paper flowers
climbing up the mail post.
 Want to come to my Halloween party?!
This piece will be available on my Etsy shop.
As hard as it is to part with some of my creations,
I'm using the money I make to pay for art
classes for Mary and me.  So it all goes back into the
world of art!


  1. OMG!! I LOVE IT!!! You rock neice!!! So glad you are selling it~~ People need a piece of your artwork!! And I LOVE your Halloween best of all!!! XOXO Love ya Aunt Frannie

  2. That is a great transformation! What an awesome idea!

  3. That is toooooooooo cute, love the pink hair!!!

  4. This really is the sweeeeetest little girl ~ your imagination and creative talent is amazing! I just love her to pieces. She is definitely a one-of-a-kind! Judi

  5. Absolutely BRILLIANT!! Those bottle brush trees are the perfect. I've got Halloween on the blog too. I'm not rushing summer, but bring on the orange and black!

  6. YOU are on a roll girlfriend! I'm gonna see if I can figure out how to send the money for my witchy girl right now.. I know I've done it before.. but it'll take a few to remember how to do it! lol!
    have a great weekend

  7. So good to hear from You :)These are My all time fave kind of posts from You, except for the ones about Your sweet family :) I noticed the little flowers right away:)So pretty.Thank you for the wishes.Hugs Denise

  8. Your imagination is being able to see something new and far better than the original really impresses me!

  9. Sorry for the typo, I meant to say "Your imagination in being..." not "is being"

  10. Thanks for all the great comments! I have one more figurine to post about and then it's time to see what other Halloweenies there are to make.

  11. I've been going through your last month or so of posts! I so enjoy your creativity. I love to recycle myself. And I love to see new places. Garbage beach looks cool to me! Did you collect bottles and things? Do you have to wear heavy gloves and shoes when you are looking? I'd say you could find 'sea glass'?
    The children are so sweet!
    Thanks for sharing!