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Thursday, July 18, 2013

Who Says Bunnies Are Just for Easter?

Vintage Lefton bunnies get a
Halloween make-over!
 First, he needed a slight paint redo.  His
white fur was pretty, but didn't quite match the
Halloween feel I was going for.
Shading and with gray paint 
gives him a darker look.

 Details! Details!  I LOVE Details!
 Using glittered scrapbook paper and vintage
black trim, I created
a Victorian cone brimming with
a combination of old and new
bits and bobs.
 Can never have too much texture!
Not satisfied with him standing alone,
I created a base out of an old
child's block.  
 The other Lefton bunny was a little
harder to figure out by the way she's sitting on
all fours, but I finally came up with the idea of
a bunny wearing a witch's cape and hat.
 These bunnies look so serious!
 The clasp on her cape is part of an old
bracelet.  Her basket is filled with hand-made
goodies.  There's even a miniature
bottle brush tree covered in orange glitter. 
 The wagon is made from a piece of
wood and wooden wheels.
 My interpretation of a Halloween
 Another reason why I love recreating old pieces
is because I get to use so many different mediums.
Paint, fabric, clay, wood, vintage figurines,
millinery, ribbons, old jewelry, miniatures.....
 Put them all together and this is
what you get!
More Halloween to come!


  1. LOVE him!! You are so amazingly talented.

  2. these are soo awesome! i love them both. kims right, you are so talented! and I did not email you back yet, but I do want your sweet doll... just let me know how you want to be paid, check, pay pal?
    Cant wait to see what you do next!

  3. These are very original! Love all the mediums. Good work. So much to look at and Halloween is around the corner!

  4. How wonderful - I looked at the pictures and went back to look again savoring every detail! You are right - bunnies are not just for Easter!

  5. I really love what you have done with these little bunnies! I knew that you were a person after my own heart when I came across your page and saw these!