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Thursday, July 25, 2013

Just Bought a New Book for Making Scrumptious Paper Dolls!

Recently, Mary gave away her much loved American Girl
paper dolls.  It was hard for her to part with them, but
knowing how much her cousin, Haley loved AG, and
the fact Mary felt she outgrew them, she agreed to
give them away.  I was so proud of her I decided to
get her a new "mature" paper doll book.   And from
the smile on Mary's face, you can tell how much
she loves her new found artistic side!
Have you ever heard of "Collage Couture" by Julie Nutting?
This book is packed with techniques and ideas for
creating your very own paper dolls.   
Mary made her first out of the back of
a cereal box with crepe paper dress, blue ribbon,
and scrap book paper hair and shoes.
 Her second doll was made from scrap
book paper and sparklies.
 My favorite part about this book is
it's for girls of all ages!  I can't wait
to try a few myself.
With the approval of Julie Nutting,
here are a few pictures of the
inside of the book - just to
give you a glimpse of the eye candy. 
 This book shows you how to sketch your own bodies and
clothing, as well as backgrounds should you want
to display them.
 While Mary was in her art class,
I read the entire book, including the Introduction
(which I rarely read!)
 I always loved paper dolls and even remember
cutting out the cartoons in the Sunday paper
and playing with them.
 I had thought about waiting until Christmas
to give this to Mary, but it's been a great
way for her to spend some time during the
Pennsylvania heat wave.
I always appreciate when someone shows us a new
book, technique, or idea to learn from.  This was one book
I thought was worth blogging about! 


  1. Mary did a great job! I can't believe she's just 10. I too played with my paper dolls as a child and it was very hard for me to put them away when I hit the age where you're not supposed to play with dolls anymore. I did keep a few though and traced over them to design clothes which actually was the beginning of all this! So glad she's enjoying the book. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I agree Mary did a great job! This is really going to spark her creative juices... great book and no I have never seen it before. Hugs, Diane

  3. Mary did a fabulous job!!! She's at the perfect age to really enjoy this and these memories will probably live on forever as a great summer craft. Thanks for introducing this book as it now looks like something new to add to my wishlist! Funny, but I was just going to write about my old love of Betsy McCall paper dolls yesterday when I looked at the clock and decided I'd better put it off until I could sit down and do the story some justice. So, that will be coming soon -- as in the next day or so.

  4. What fun! Mary did a fantastic job. She takes after her mother with her talents. This looks like another book to add to the wish list. Thanks for sharing!

  5. wow Jill that is an amazing book and Mary rocked hers right out!!! I think it is so cool Mary is taking art classes!! Mary should make a hanging banner of those cool paper dolls for her new room cuz that way she could make a ton of them and you should too Jill and sell them then you could make a lot of them!! LOL Halloween Jill?LOL just tryin to get your mojo goin crazy!! Love ya bunches Aunt Frannie!! XOXOOXOXXOOXXOOXXOO

  6. Hey Jill will you stop by my blog and try to comment now. I did some changing to it and I am hoping I fixed the problem!! LOL THANKS!! XOXO Love Aunt Frannie

  7. I ordered the book and made my first paper doll this past week. It was lots of fun! I thank you for introducing it here on your blog.

    I was a little nervous about the dubious sources of traffic coming to my blog. So until I figure out better controls on it, I've closed it for now. Otherwise I'd post the pictures of my first creation.