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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Homemade Caramels

While rain, heat, and humidity plague
old Bucks County, I'm helping beat the
"I'm bored" blues by baking
home-made caramels.
Don't they look scrumpsh?! 
If you've never made caramels, there's no need to
be intimidated.  These are very easy to make
and all done with the microwave. 
You'll need:
1 stick unsalted butter
1 C sugar
1 C dark brown sugar
1 C light corn syrup
1 can (14 oz) sweetened condensed milk
pinch salt
2 tsp. vanilla extract
sea salt
wax paper
parchment paper
Step 1:  Microwave butter until melted.
Add sugars, milk, pinch of salt, and syrup.
Microwave 3 minutes.
Step 2:  Stir.  Microwave 3 minutes.
Step 3:  Stir.  Microwave 3 minutes.
Step 4:  Stir.  Microwave 3 minutes.
Step 5:  Stir.  Add vanilla.  Microwave 3 minutes. 

 Step 6:  Immediately pour into pan lined with parchment paper.
Tap for bubbles.
The pan I used is 12x12. 
 Step 7:  Cool in fridge 3-4 hours or until firm.
Step 8:  Fold off the parchment paper and shave off
the excess caramel to make a fine square. 

Nicolai happily ate the extra slivers!
 Step 9:  For easier cutting, slide your knife through
a stick of butter and then cut into bite-sized pieces.  
Step 10:  Wrap individually using wax paper.
Hint:  In this humid weather, I'd only wrap about 20 before
the caramels grew too soft to cut.  I placed
them back in the fridge to firm up before wrapping again. 
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  1. Ooooo! These sound wonderful! I'm going to have to try your recipe! :-)

  2. I love home made caramels!
    Yours look amazing!!
    Thanks for sharing the recipe.

    Have a great week

  3. Yummy! And what a fun activity to do with your kids!