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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Fun and Easy Halloween Project Tutorial!

Anyone want to learn how to make a vintage-style
paper mache black cat container the easy way? 
Well, just follow Mary along! 
First, all you need to do is cover a plastic Jack O'Lantern
container, usually found in dollar stores
or thrift shops, with paper mache. (or my favorite "Rigid Wrap").
Like Mary's glasses?  There's no lenses.  I popped them out.
She just wanted to be "stylish"!

Once you're done wrapping the Jack O'Lantern,
let it dry at least 24 hours.   I also made
little babies ones!

 Since we're making a cat, let's not
forget the ears.  We simply cut some out
using the back of a cereal box and taped them
to the head.  
Again, Mary covered with Rigid
Wrap and let it dry another 24 hours.
 For those who don't know, Rigid Wrap
is a very thin mesh-like fabric that's
coated in plaster.  I believe it's the same material
that was once used for making casts. 
All you have to do is cut it, wet it, and
stick it on.  As much as I'd like to use
newspapers, flour and water, my paper
mache never turned out well and I always
wound up hating working with it.
This stuff makes it fun and easy (as
you can clearly tell by Mary's expression.)
 Once dried, paint the cat black and
start decorating!
 And with some help from Mommy, Mary now
has herself a vintage-style Halloween container!
We plan on adding a wire handle to it, which
will add more texture and make it look
like an old trick-or-treat container.
Happy Halloween!!


  1. What a fabulous tutorial. I've never heard of Rigid Wrap. I must go investigate this product further! Mary makes the perfect model/instructor. I've got Halloween on the brain too.

  2. Wow! Mary's black cat turned out so beautifully! I'm definitely going to have to try Rigid Wrap with ours this year. Last year we used plain old papier mache, which was a little cumbersome to use.


  3. Fantastic !She's becoming a "Minnie Me" of You,

  4. I hadn't heard of rigid wrap before, either. This project turned out so much nicer than the original plastic jack-o-lantern used for the base. It really does look like the classic old paper mache containers that are sold on ebay for a pretty penny but this one has the advantage of being something you've made at home with imagination and love. Lucky Mary to being doing so many fun crafts during summer vacation!