"What one can see out in the sunlight is always less interesting than what is behind a windowpane."

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

A Week of Antiquing and Yard Saling

Halloween blow molds, vintage figurines, old bowls and Christmas. 
This is what shopping with Aunt Candy looks like!
 A truck packed with boxes and bags and me barely remembering what's inside.
Let's have a look!
 1950s Pink Flamingo Pyrex bowls. 
 A vintage head vase.  Very good condition except for
a small chip on her bow.  Something went inside
that tube she's holding.  Maybe an umbrella?
Six Holt Howard mugs from 1966! 
When I found these in an old schoolhouse turned antiques shop, I loved the colors. 
I didn't realize they were Holt Howard until I saw it written on the bottom. 
There are actually 3 rows of solid colors, the camera exposure blended the first 2 rows.
 These were from a so-called estate sale. 
They had all the good stuff in another room with a
Do Not Enter sign, while leaving all the cheap,
dollar store stuff outside for people coming to buy.
Should have been called a yard sale.
I was lucky to have found this.
 Aunt Candy found a new place to shop on Thursdays
called Polaski Flea.  Loaded with outside vendors.
Found this old Barbie trunk, which I used to
safely store all the breakables for the ride home.
 Stored inside the Barbie trunk.
 Vintage girl figurines always draw me in.
What I liked best about this is how
she's writing a note
with pencil and paper. 
No texting!
 We hit an inside flea market and one man let me dig inside
some boxes packed in a corner.  I scored some old
Christmas and all those blow molds from him.
This Santa is actually a windup.
 And lookie here!   Marked Japan on the bottom.
Except for the feet, she's in excellent condition.
Old paper mache and course glitter
black cat. 
 This I had to save.  The Jack O' Lantern is a
velvety material.  The witch needs a make-over. 
It's in excellent condition other than the paint, so
I have confidence I can make it adorable again.
 More old Christmas ornaments.
 This fella looks really old.
 This elf is different than most I see.
 A few old reindeer and look at this teeny weeny Lefton bunny!
 Candy's lucky.  She lives out in Western PA where
antique shops and flea markets abound.
These old celluloid birds are covered in glitter and
look like they used to be Christmas lights.
 There's one little town called, "Volant", which consists of 
two streets across from one another that are old homes
turned into antique and craft shops. 
 Now that Mary's taking an art class this summer,
I wanted Nicolai to get his
mechanical mind in gear. 
These old erector sets should do the trick.
 Nic likes to build and figure out how things work.
I think he may understand these better than I do!
 This project is for Ted! 
The kids will have so much fun with the train set
and when they outgrow it, they're always
good to resell.
 Nicolai spent the entire week playing with Mary
and their two cousins - all little girls. 
Although he had a great time, I figured he could use
some boy time.  These old Star Wars toys proved to
be just what he needed.  By the end of the week,
Ted found Nicolai alone on the front porch, Star Wars toys in hand,
saying, "Playing with girls is tiring!"
 Little People camper, jeep, and firetruck. 
 The Last Supper wall hanging. Made from chalkware.
 This old chalkware piece was redone by an
artist who likes to restore them.  I've done this
with the old religious statues too. 
What the heck is it called?  It's not used any more....
now it's going to drive me crazy!
 Old tin recipe box.
 Cute little book.  I remember reading
some of these as a child.
 The morning we were packing, I looked at Candy and
said, "How far is the old school antique shop?  There
was something I really wanted .........."
"Let's go!" she said.  I didn't need to finish my question!
I think out of everything I bought, this is my favorite. 
An old tin paint box.
 Most of these finds will be listed on Etsy.  The hard part
right now is finding the time with the kids home
for summer.  In the meantime, I'm also working on
vintage-style Halloween decorations.
If idle hands are the devil's workshop,
he can't get me!


  1. You scored tons and tons! I would have made a trip back for that paint box too. Loving the glittery black cat!

  2. Oh my goodness. I don't want to rush summer, but your HALLOWEEN scores are fantastic!!

  3. great finds!!
    can't decide what I like best though, everything is amazing!!