"What one can see out in the sunlight is always less interesting than what is behind a windowpane."

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Treasure Hunting for Vintage Goodies

It was just that kind of morning.   We needed to get out.   We hit a few large yard sales and nothing was turning up, until we were just about to leave.
The very last table I hit had a chest full of old Christmas decorations at 10 cents apiece.  
I grabbed mostly just the figurines.
 Since Ted and the kids were waiting for me, I went through quickly, barely even noticing exactly what I was grabbing.
It wasn't until I got in the car and peeked at them that I saw I had grabbed a Little Miss Muffet - complete with spider!
 There weren't any knee-hugger elves, but plenty of cuteness.
 And this is how collections begin.  Start out with one or two, then grab another when you see it. 
 Or is that how hoarding begins?

 I think this was my favorite!
 Also scored 6 vintage Christmas trees.
 Old salt and pepper shakers.  I like the tops.

 OK.  I've GOT to stop feeling the need to "save" these statues. 
But, he was in such good shape, better than most I find.

 This was fun because it was in a little baggie and I didn't know what it was until I opened it.  Old wedding couple with stagecoach and clockface.

 They're much too small to be cake toppers at only about 2 inches tall.  Maybe cupcake toppers?
Too cute.  
 Did I tell you I'm taking an Art class?!!   Yes!  And I'm so excited.  I start in 2 weeks - a drawing class.  I haven't taken an actual drawing class in 25 years.  We'll be using charcoal so buying these brand new charcoal sticks for $2, which ordinarily would be $12 was a score.
 The most dangerous things to buy - crafting supplies - because the possibilities are endless!  I clean out my stash and turn around and buy more.

 Exciting find!   This old blow-mold that sits in the window and lights up. 
 And neither Ted nor I could pass up these two boxes of old Christmas lights. 
 Wouldn't these be great to use for Halloween? 
 And these could be used for Fourth of July.

 Pretty and pink! 
But the one we had to keep thinking about and going back to?   This old bubble gum machine.  Still works.  Ted thought it would be a lot of fun for the kids.  I envision filling it with seasonal goodies like old glass Christmas balls.
 But, first things first.  My tinker husband needs to do a little lock-picking!

Considering we thought we were walking home with nothing, it turned out to be a good day afterall!


  1. Looks like you scored! I love when you are feeling kinda low, like heck where is all the Vintage Stuff and than SORE!! Very fun indeed.

  2. SQUEAL! How fantastic to find all that vintage Christmas. Good for you. Enjoy that art class too.

  3. Fun carefree wonderful day of treasure hunting. I love it!

  4. So much cuteness! I love the deer, especially the little red one.

  5. Hi Jill! I was thinking about you the past couple weeks with all the storms passing through our collective Delaware Valley area - hearing Bucks County got hit on the news. Hope you battened down all your thrifting finds! I am finally entering full fledged into the arts and re-purposing world again - after a decade of other projects - back to crafting and opening an Etsy shop in July! Thank you again - for opening a door for me to step into the scraping with my silly question (seems silly now) two years ago as to what these trading cards were all about. I still have the sample you sent me framed by the first one I made - and will finally have the time to make more. Hope to send one your way before the end of summer! Joy!

  6. What a score on those adorable Christmas figures! Looks like y'all reak=lly hit the jackpot!



  7. Jill you hit the mother load with these little figures!! Adorable!! They are vintage treasures!!


  8. Wow, you found some great VINTAGE goodies! Lucky you! Thanks for stopping by today!