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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Taking a REAL Art Class

 Yesterday, Mary had a taste for a "real" art class. 
 By "real" I mean it's being taught in a little studio
 by a husband and wife team,
 both of whom have taught art classes for over 30 years. 

Their first lesson was to draw human characteristics
onto inanimate objects, this is known as anthropomorphism.
The California Raisins and the talking M&M guys are
good examples of this.

After gathering the students around a table to
demonstrate how to create these caricatures,
the students then brainstormed
5 different ideas of their own.

Mary drew a half-used eraser who
was upset because he was being rubbed out!

Her favorite idea was a starfish holding a microphone
in his hand singing up on a stage to a crowded audience. 
The caption: "I'm a star!"
Meanwhile, Nicolai, not interested in drawing
but more mechanically-inclined,
happily sat quietly playing a game on his Nook.
Later that night I returned for MY first art class. 
Instead of drawing fun caricatures, my time was spent drawing
cones, circles, cylinders, and boxes. 
And you know what?  I still LOVED it!
Not that drawing those things are fun, but I
learned a completely new way to hold a pencil while drawing.
I felt like Danny in the "Karate Kid", learning by doing it over
and over.  But instead of "Wax-on, Wax-off", it was more,
"Slow down and move your entire hand, not just your fingers."


  1. Look how beautiful and happy Mary is.....and what wonderful posture she has!!! Classes are always a good idea.....

  2. Creativity rocks! Glad you learned something new, it's never too late! I agree, Mary looks so excited and happy! Yay!

  3. Mary is so adorable! I hope you'll post pictures of her art work, I'd love to see it. yours too!
    have fun!!