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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Shhh.....They're Actually Healthy!

Need a high-protein pick-me-up?  I do.  Found this recipe and decided to give these a try.  Takes about 5 minutes and no baking required!

You'll need:  1/3 cup of peanut butter.  (Because I'm specifically looking for a healthy snack, I chose Smuckers Natural.)  The ingredients?  Peanuts.  What a concept!

1/4 cup honey.

3 TBS. Ground Flaxseed.  What I like about flaxseed is there's not a whole lot of taste to it.  You can mix it into yogurt, not even taste it, and get major health benefits.

3 TBS Dark Chocolate Chips.   I went with tried and true Toll House.  

1 Scoop of chocolate Whey protein powder.   I just started taking this yesterday for added protein.  I just mix it up with skim milk and drink.  Very filling.  Of course, I researched it before buying and was happily surprised by all the advantages of eating whey.   This particular brand also got rave reviews on Amazon, but I didn't even know that until after I had bought it at the grocery store.  Again, happy surprise.

Just like chocolate chip cookies, mix them all together and form little one inch balls.    

Unlike chocolate chip cookies, no baking is involved.  Chill these in the fridge and pop them in your mouth.   Because of all the protein, it's great to eat them as a pre or post work-out snack.

But the BIG question?  Will the kids like them?  Judging by their faces and Nic sneaking an extra one, I'd say they're a winner!  But shhhh......don't tell them they're healthy!

Here is the link where I found the recipe:

The original recipe says that one ball is about 105 calories.  They made 10 balls.  I made 16, almost twice as many so I'd cut my calories almost in half for a one inch ball.


  1. Those look good :-) I personally love-love-love flax seed. I like to take a pinch of that every now and then and just eat it plain lol... of course you need to make sure to brush your teeth if you go anywhere lol
    A friend of mine told me about Chia seeds---now I'm on the hunt to try those!

  2. is it like eating cookie dough? I love cookie dough!
    now I want a cookie!
    happy day

  3. Yup, just like cookie dough! So glad the kids like them. : )

  4. These look great Jill!! Have to try them, and thanks for sharing the recipe!


  5. Update: I just tried one. They're even better after having chilled overnight!