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Sunday, June 9, 2013

Recent Thrift Store Finds

While other bloggers have been cleaning up at the estate sales, it's been dead around here.   A trip to a couple of my favorite haunts paid off though.  Not much, but things I like. 
Old Infant of Prague statue.  Very large and in better shape than most I find.  Looks like his crown has been ripped off.  I have NO IDEA what that decorative metal piece is on top of his head.  I'll have to research it.

Jesus holding a lamb.

1988 Halloween planter.

 I've got a few of these in "chocolate".  This is my first vanilla.

3 little Japan angels.  Based on their faces, I'm guessing these are Lefton or Napco.  The middle angel was holding something that apparently broke off. 

Two more old Japan angels.   The little guy is missing his wing.  Maybe I'll paint him to look like a Hallween devil and his broken wing will represent a fallen angel.

This was an actual Etsy buy.  It cried out to me for a refinishing.

You know how some people will look at a painting or art piece and say, "It really speaks to me"?  I never really thought about it before.  But, I can honestly say, this piece speaks to me and it wants more color and details!  Oh, how I looooove details!


  1. Thank you for dropping by.This is just the sort of post I love "watching" you do.I love seeing the before and after of your thrift redo's.Wonderful fun-Denise

  2. Good morning to Jill! Thinking of you way out west. Wondering where oh where has Jill gone?