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Thursday, May 23, 2013

Here's a Few Twists

Here's a twist for journaling.  Instead of buying a new one, why not use an antique photo album?  They're thick, textured, and unique.
My old album dates back to the 1800s.   It's got a soft velvet cover and thick cardboard pages, but it's also getting very delicate.   I hated seeing it just sit there collecting dust.  That's when I had the idea to use it as an art journal.

A couple years ago I made some wall hangings that were similar.  I like the idea of having these safely tucked away in this old book.

Of course, it's a work-in-progess.  I only add a new page every couple of months.  I have to be careful and start using paper instead of fabric.  It's getting too thick already.

I created this page yesterday when I came across a saying in a 1922 hymnal, "Let me not think the price too high."  It reminded me of a soldier going off to war.

Whoops!  I hate it when pages don't rotate.  Anyhoo, you can see the last few pages of this photo album will be really interesting to try and revamp with four cut-out frames already in place.

 Here's another revamp.  I found this wooden box and it screamed to me to repaint.  You can't tell from this picture, but the yellow used is ass-ugly.  It's loud and practically screams neon.  

To my own surprise, I wound up repainting it yellow, just a much more subtle pale yellow.  The scrolling, knobs, and inside got a fresh coat of white as well.  

And for something completely different, a hand-carved Santa Claus ornament with swirls and swirls of beard.  Learning to carve the swirls was totally new to me.  It's been a long time since I picked up a knife and wanted to try something new.  I still need to paint him and add a hanger to the top.  I definitely want to make more of these just because it was fun!  

Break out the paint, it may be time to repaint St. Patrick.   

Hope you all have a great Memorial Day!


  1. Well I see you still do find time to get creative, thats a good thing I do miss visiting you but I am sure life with children at home gets very busy but please stop in once and awhile ox, Diane

  2. I love old photo albums, your right, they were made so well and sturdy


  3. Good to hear from you....love your new projects!!!

  4. Oh here is my sweet baby girl!! I Think of you so often but I do write NO!! Shame on me!! I have been doing a lot of sewing for some new gigs and orders!! I LOVE it!! and I LOVE seeing you getting your mojo goin!! Keep it up!! I LOVE that last pic you did for Memorial Day!! ANd that journal rocks!! LOVE ya to the moon n back!! XOXOXOXO Aunt Frannie