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Friday, May 24, 2013

Found a New Antique Shop!

It's a good hour away, but well worth the drive.

Mary's birthday was coming up so Ted took a day off work to drive here and find her something special.

We had been here just a couple weeks before and Mary picked out 2 different things she liked.  We waited until she was in school so we could drive here ourselves and surprise her.  And considering how little time Ted and I get together, those few short hours felt like a mini vacation.

It's HUGE!   Located in Allentown,  PA and is called Black Rose Antiques.

Of course, I always gravitate towards vintage holiday decorations.

This antique shop is located inside a mall and is the size of I think two warehouses.  Lots to choose from.....but if you're looking to buy and resell, don't bother.  The prices are very competitive and on the higher side.   But, if you're looking for something special, this is just the place.

Isn't this cute?  The 1950s version of an i-phone...ipod?  Whatever it is people have now-a-days.  

A cute graphic for all you paper lovers out there!

I mean, really.  How cute were people back then?!   All that innocence I would have loved to raise my kids in.

OK.  I took this for my own benefit.  It brought back memories.

I thought of Diane from Saturdayfinds when I took this pic.  She always seems to love little lambs.

And as I wanted to take even more pictures to demonstrate how huge this place was, the last shot I got was of Ted checking out a book.  The man can't pass up an old book!   Then the batteries ran out.

What did we wind up getting Mary?  I knew of a pretty Madame Alexander ballerina doll and Ted knew she wanted some long pink gloves. 

And our little vintage lover celebrated her mile-stone birthday in her own unique style.

Yup.  Her. Own. Unique. Style.


  1. Oh your Mary is really something else! I love love love the vintage Madame Alexander Doll, I can see why she does. I have a sister named Mary, shes my baby sister. My daughter Breezy always has loved Vintage Gifts even in her adult years. Have a wonderful Weekend~ ox, Diane

  2. What fun! Mary is such a sweetie. Such darling pictures in her pink gloves. That antique mall is fabulous. That playskool giraffe totally bring back memories.

  3. I applaud her uniqueness....you go girl!!!! Wishing you happy birthday!!! xoxo

  4. I want to visit that store! so much stuff! Id be checking out all those vintage holiday goodies first for sure. Your daughter is adorable Jill! I bet shes a lot of fun!
    have a lovely holiday weekend

  5. I haven't been to a mall in years, but if they sell antiques, I'm going! It's really close to me, too; wonder why I never heard of it?

  6. What a cutie!

    That looks like a HUGE place! I'd love to wander around there!

  7. Happy belated birthday to Mary! What extra cute photos of her too.
    Wow, that's a cool place to show. Will have to keep it in mind sometime.