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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Tutorial: Faux Chocolate Tin Foil Easter Bunny

Every now and again, inspiration hits and I need to try something totally new. This time, I needed to try and make a faux chocolate tin foil bunny. This is my very first try and I'm learning as I go!
Materials you'll need: Bunny figurine (can find them really cheap at thrift stores. I got this one for only 50 cents.) Tin foil. I purposely chose dollar store foil. I wanted this to be as thin as possible for easy wrapping. I think Reynolds would actually be too thick to work with. Hot glue gun, paint brush, ink (my first time trying Adirondack Ink), and markers. You can use paint for this project too, but I think using the ink will give it a more transparent look. Let's keep going and find out!
The first thing I did was squirt and brush yellow ink onto the foil. Of course, you could use just plain old tin foil, but I preferred a pastel for Spring.
Next, crinkle your tin foil into balls.
Open them up and press flat.
Then start wrapping!
Use the glue gun to hold down end pieces. This looks much easier than it really is. The foil molds well to the bunny, but trying to hide the seams is challenging. Also, remember, you're working with tin foil and hot glue. When you try to press them together, the foil heats up quick and can give you a nasty burn.
Once he's all wrapped, you can paint his eyes, nose, and ears. At first, I tried using the markers, but they didn't show up well so I used paint instead.
For an added touch, I added a glittered Easter egg.
And there you have it! I definitely want to try more. It was fun and seems like a little practice can go a long way. If you try this, I would suggest using a very simple bunny at first. Also, the larger the better. If you DO try, please make sure to let me know. I'd love to see how it comes out!


  1. Hes darling very clever idea, you always amaze me with your talent... glad to see your post hope all is well.. I have been working very hard in Real Estate but nothing has closed yet! fingers crossed Hugs, Diane

  2. Super DARLING!!! It looks "easy" enough to make!
    Thanks for sharing.

  3. So very sweet. Love the tutorial.

  4. Now are'nt you the clever one!!! I thought about this last year and figured, blah....why bother??? But now, yours turned out so cute......you know I'm gonna have to try this, burnt fingers or not!!! hugs...cleo

  5. Nice! It's especially good that you've included many pictures, and that you've posted this in plenty of time before Easter--so we have time to try it. Thanks, peace,


  6. So clever!He is darling!

  7. WOW Jill did you make this up? Pretty cool!! I'll leave it to you though!! LOL I really like to sew! LOL So glad you are back!! I gotta catch up!! We are snowed in today!! Pretty but I am staying in the house til tomorrow! LOL I am a wimp!! Take care!! LOVE YA Aunt Frannie XOXO

  8. I've got a few commercially made tin foil bunnies that Ted bought me and I looooove. They're expensive though so they're not something I can easily collect. The wheels started turning and I wondered if I could just make them. This one, of course, is much more of a home-made feel than the ones we bought, but considering how much the home-made look appeals to me, I'm fine with it.

  9. Love your sweet bunny! Thanks for the tutorial :)