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Saturday, February 9, 2013

Everybody Wants to Get Into the Act!

According to Mary, it's been way too long since Mommy "did art." That changed last night as I spent hours painting - and it felt great! Mary wanted some "Mommy/Daughter time" so while I painted, she worked on a tin foil bunny.
Now, we only had 3 colors of ink to choose from: yellow, orange, and purple. Mary chose a purple bunny holding a yellow Easter egg. Well, I didn't think the yellow showed up well so painted it orange.
Turned out looking more like a Halloween decoration! If ya can't beat 'em, join 'em. I painted the egg to look like a jack o'lantern.
Tip: Because this bunny had a simple body, it was much easier to wrap the foil around it than the other. If you try this, use a simple figurine, at least for the first time.
Joann Fabrics is having a HUGE 50% deal going right now, on-line. I don't know if they're selling that cheap in the stores, but if you need ink, now is the time to grab them.


  1. Oh! How cute is that!!!Mary did a great job and I like how you turned it into a pumpkin :)

  2. Darling bunny and thanks for the heads-up on the JoAnn's sale.

  3. Jill,So good to hear from you.Your comment gave me a laugh.It's also wonderful to be able to come by here and see you and Mary having such good times painting.You know I enjoy keeping up with all the happenings around your family life.I love the bunnies :) God bless the four of you-Denise

  4. There's so much that's good about this post. 1, the craft you shared with us. 2, the fact that you recognized, with the help of your daughter, the need to do your art, and benefited from doing so. 3, that you spent time with your daughter. 4, that you have created the kind of world where she could recognize the need to spend time with you and voice it the way she did. Thank you for sharing this with us. Peace and continued good things for you.