"What one can see out in the sunlight is always less interesting than what is behind a windowpane."

Sunday, August 26, 2012

My White Shabby-Chic Art Room

Come see my new white, shabby-chic art room!
This is how it looked back in 2011, after Mary's fairy party.
It wasn't much, but it gave me a place to work without costing us anything.

Over the past 2 years we've added more to the room as I accumulated supplies.  The dark walls, tons of supplies, and all the colors and patterns squeezed into one room had gotten to be too much.

I knew I needed a change.  Something calming, something serene, something...something...

WHITE!  (although this picture looks pink!)

That's what I needed - a blank canvas to look at this room with fresh new eyes.
White walls, white cabinets, white flowers and lace.
Newly painted picture frames and lots of open space!

Instead of being visually overwhelmed, it's all very pleasing to the eye.
Ted calls this my "shrine".  A 1911 picture of the "Stations of the Cross" is the perfect backdrop for my religious statues. 
Supplies are orderly and neat.

I was having too much fun with the spray paint - I even painted the brass clock white!

The tin locker on the right is very practical, but was so old and unattractive.  I gave it new life by spray painting it Green Apple.

I've also come to the conclusion that I've been working on too many projects.  It's back to basics with the things I love most.  Carving is on top of that list.

This part of the room is a reminder of that which is much greater than myself.

This old printer's cabinet makes for excellent storage and the antique typewriter works like a charm..

 See all the miniatures and supplies it holds?

We can still use this as a Dining Room when needed, like for Nic's 7th birthday party coming soon.

 This was probably the biggest change of all - a horrific old brass chandelier to a shabby chic white one!

Working on a budget, I had to transform this ugly light fixture, but how?  A trip to my basement did the trick

Vintage silver and white beads, garland, flowers, and balls.  Never underestimate what you already have in your house!  Anything can be repurposed!
Here's an old statue of St. Patrick.  After priming him white to repaint him, I discovered I like him this way!  And he blends so well with the room.  I'll keep him this way, at least for now.

And here's Saint Dymphna, the saint of mental illness!  How appropriate I should have her!  
And an Infant or Prague that has what appears to be a partially melted face.  Another restoration project.  But now, I can see what I need to do and can focus on it. 
Remember those HGTV shows where they'd redo a room for under $500?  They've got nothing on me.  The cost of this make-over?  $130!
My only problem now?   How to get Oreo off my art table!


  1. LOL...Oreo looks like it's a perfect place to lay.
    Your craftroom makeover is great!Nice, white and organized. LOVE the chandy makeover too! You did GOOD!

  2. Wow....what a transformation!!! Nice job!!! Doesn't it feel so good to have everything in one room ??? What a wonderful job you did in organizing it all!!! Life is too short to assign just one use to a room.....

  3. I want to come and play! What a great room! I love all those pretty organizing bins! I can never find the stuff I Know I have!



  4. Beautiful transformation Jill! I love it!

  5. The room looks great i think going from the dark walls to a brighter canvas.. can really help with your creative moods. I have missed your visits but I do understand how our children can really demand a lot of our time. When I have the grands over I can barely cook a meal LOL Hugs, Diane

  6. Your art room transformation looks fantastic! I think with those white walls, your wonderful creations can take center stage and really shine, and you will have no problem getting inspired in there!

  7. Jill Wow! First let me say I can't believe Nic is gonna 7!! I love the white it makes it so bright and pretty!! I know you, you'll be adding some cool art work to it!! Your mixed media goodies will rock in there!! I was on a roll of cleaning and starting to organize and now it's hot again!! To hot!! Thanks for sharing the pics!! I love your vintage typewriter. Sim got me one for Christmas! And then I found an old typewriter desk and he spray painted it black for me. So now I Jill I will be waiting to see what you create now that you've got a new Zen going!! XOXO Love ya, Aunt Frannie

  8. Holy Saints Jill! Hold on to that spay paint, I see some spots you forgot on Oreo. What a difference white paint makes. May I ask did you paint over the wall paper? I have a wall that I would love to paint over. Your printers cabinet is a dream and so is your apple locker. You are ready for a new round of holiday carving. All you need now is snow - and it's already white! Have a great week! Elizabeth

  9. How wonderful!You have always seemed brave to Me,the way you tackle repurposing projects.Your new room is very serene and your home is always lovely.Hugs Denise

  10. Hey whatz up with you dear neice of mine? Surprise comin your way!! Yay!! XOXO Love Aunt Frannie! PS I pray you are doing therapy in new groovey room!! You need an inspirastiuon board in there!! LOL Challenging you to make one Jill style!! Come on you can do it!! XOXO

  11. I should learn to spell check my own crap!! Sorry about that!! LOL XOXO Love ya!!

  12. Hey Jillsy
    Love the Jonah and the Whale Carving you did. And the Fairy scene you did for Mary is really awesome. I need to update my blog too I've done a few carvings lately. I'm really hooked on cottonwood bark. I'll post the Fairy/Gnome carving I did and share it with you. Its done but the picture I have is one that isn't 100% complete.